Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taylor Lautner Nose Job

American actor, model and martial artist Taylor Lautner, best known for playing Jacob Black (the rival of Edward Cullen) in "The Twilight Saga" film series, is rumored to have had a nose job to improve his appearance.   

Lautner, 22, is famous for his athletic muscular body and also his unique nose shape.

Many celebrity watchers and gossip websites have accused Lautner of getting a nose job to fix his image. 

Judging by the before and after pictures, it seems that Lautner had a bigger nose with a wider bridge. Now his nose looks thinner, more refined and the tip is very slightly reduced in size. 
It has to be noted that Lautner has not confirmed or dismissed the nose job rumors. 

Conclusion: In case Taylor Lautner had the nose job, it was perfectly done as it is very subtle and almost undetectable. It was performed with conservative approach making minimum change on his face. No doubt it is a well executed nose job by a very skillful and experienced plastic surgeon as he made his nose seem natural looking.

What do you think? Did Taylor Lautner get a nose job?

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