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Mitt Romney followed his dad’s religion and has persuaded his wife, Ann Romney and his sons to embrace it as well. In case you wonder who was behind Mitt Romney's religious beliefs, the answer is: his father, whom Mitt regarded as a role model.

In detail, Mitt's father, George, became more than just a mentor to him. He was a pathfinder, showing the way of their Mormon faith through the thickets of politics and business, home life, and character. Through his success and failures, George had taught many lessons to Mitt and Mitt was inspired by him. "His whole life," revealed John Wright, a close family friend, "was following a pattern which had been laid out by his dad." So with his wife, Ann, as a partner and his father as an inspiration, Mitt was determined to build a family, a career, and a place in the church that he adored.

The Romneys’ Mormon faith, as Mitt and Ann started their life together, formed a deep foundation. It lay under nearly everything: their acts of charity, their marriage, their parenting, their social lives, even their weekly schedules. Their family-centric lifestyle was a choice; Mitt and Ann plainly cherished time at home with their kids more than anything. But it was also a duty. Belonging to the Mormon Church meant accepting a code of conduct that placed supreme value on strong families (strong heterosexual families), in which men and women often filled defined and traditional roles. The Romneys have long cited a well-known Mormon philosophy made popular by the late church leader David O. McKay: "No other success can compensate for failure in the home."

It has to be mentioned that Ann Romney, who addressed the "Republican National Convention" on August 28, 2012, was the first person there to mention the word: "Mormon".

"When Mitt and I met and fell in love, we were determined not to let anything stand in the way of our life together," Ann Romney quoted as saying. "I was an Episcopalian. He was a Mormon."

Needless to say that Ann Romney converted to Mormonism  after she got married with Mitt and -of course- the pair reared their children in the Mormon faith.

Many Mormons were really delighted and proud of Ann Romney's speech.

There were many people who called Ann Romney's speech a kind of "LDS General Conference cadence".

It has to be noted that Joanna Brooks,
scholar/writer/Mormon blogger wrote at Religion Dispatches that when Romney "explained to the audience why Mitt Romney doesn’t talk more about his faith, focusing not on the fine points of what Mormons believe, but on the best of what Mormons do: the acts of service performed for one another."

Many Mormons tried to persuade Mitt Romney to speak publicly about his religious belief.

LDS reporter McKay Coppins admitted the five-year effort to bring Mitt Romney's Mormon faith into the spotlight.

"The story of his journey to this point is one that shows the candidate's family struggling with the realities of public life as a religious minority," Coppins writes, "as the rest of the country grapples with Mormonism knocking on the door of mainstream U.S. culture."

The question is: "What do you think of Ann Romney's decision to convert to Mormonism and raise her children according to the LDS ideals?"

It appears that being a mormon is a very conservative way of life. It is also a very unfair religion because it doesn't fully respect the human rights of all people except for heterosexual people. What about the LGBT community? Too many restrictions, rejections and rules lead to nowhere...The key to our answers is not to be found only in church. Besides, if we don't have unconditional love in our hearts for all human beings regardless their color, race, sexual orientation and gender, what's the point of visiting the church? The goal in life is to become a better version of ourselves and the church is supposed to help us go in that direction!

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  1. Why did Ann Romney convert from being an Episcopalian - a church that is progressive and inclusive to the Mormon church that was founded by a con man and a pedophile Joseph Smith. Also, the Mormons are notoriously anti-gay and creepy in the fact they do baptisms of dead people from other faiths. I guess this kind of weirdness and kookiness appeals to queen Antoinette Romney.


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