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Celebrity makeup artist, Sherilyn Stetz, who has worked on the set of "Desperate Housewives" for five seasons and on the recent hit:"Bridesmaids", claimed that Marcia Cross is her  favorite redhead. She also confirms that Marcia has absolutely incredible skin.

Just in case you wonder about Marcia Cross's beauty and makeup secrets and which product she actually uses for her skin's glowth, Stetz states: " She goes above and beyond to protect her skin from the sun. When I worked on the show (Desperate Housewives), we used Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. It looks luminous on everyone!"

Beauty secret for all redheads: Always wear sunscreen and choose a foundation that is good for sensitive skin.

So, if you are a redhead like Marcia Cross, then the basic makeup tip for porcelain and fair skin is: makeup with an SPF on a daily basis so that your skin will look beautiful into your 40s.

In detail, with this type of sensitive skin, it is best to use a creamy foundation that will moisturize while it provides coverage. Make sure that your foundation shade matches your skin perfectly, especially since your skin is so fair.

For a flattering gloss color, use an apricot lip liner and complementary lip color to apply to your lips with a makeup brush. Top this off with a lightly tinted nude or copper gloss for a subtle change in the final lip color. 

For the apples of your cheeks, it is suggested to use a pressed or powdered mineral makeup blush and blend well. Since your skin is so fair, it is helpful to use a rosy blush that should match the natural flushed color of your skin when you pinch your cheeks.

For your eye makeup, it is helpful to use a coppery eyeliner with subtle accents of copper and pink eyeshadows. For your eyelashes, top with several coats of a lengthening black mascara.

It is very simple to play up delicate features with porcelain skin when you use a flattering foundation and blush shade. It is always ideal to go with a lighter lip color to complement the freshness of your skin!

It has to be mentioned that Marcia always protects her porcelain skin from the sun’s harsh rays. So, apart from wearing makeup with an SPF on a daily basis, she also wears a sunhat. On the other hand, Marcia feels very comfortable with her skin and often goes make-up free.

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