Mitt Romney Singing

President Barack Obama made fun of Mitt Romney's singing "America the Beautiful" on the campaign trail (16 July, 2012) and slammed the Republican challenger's firm Bain Capital and stated it contracted out jobs overseas.  

The commercial pairs Romney's off-key rendition of the beloved patriotic song with images of empty factories and news headlines linking him with sending jobs to Mexico, China and India. 

According to nonpartisan watchdog group, those claims are exaggerated or absolutely false.

The TV spot also includes an attack on bank accounts to former Massachussetts governor has in off-shore tax havens like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands 

and Switzeland.

"Mitt Romney's not the solution. He's the problem," the ad declares.

The Times article refers to an electronics outsourcing plant controlled by Bain Capital that moved its operations to Mexico. FactCheck claims this took place after Romney left the company.

President Barack Obama has slammed Mitt Romney with attack commercials, wishing to shift the focus away poor economic data.

There was a rumor that Romney sent jobs to India as governor of Massachusetts which is absolutely false. The truth is that Romney reportedly gave some state duties to private contractors, who hired subcontractors with workers in India.

Romney's campaign fired back at the president for the spot, referring to a campaign speech in which Obama refers to "Uncle Jim, who's a little stubborn and has been watching Fox News."

"It is sad and shameful that President Obama would mock "America The Beautiful." But sadly it's not surprising for the man who launched his presidency with an apology tour," spokeswoman Andrea Saul told CBS News.

"The "Uncle Jims" of our country - as he condescendingly calls middle-class Americans - don't believe in mocking "America The Beautiful" and don't believe in apologizing for America."

It has to be noted that Romney was the object of jokes before for singing the patriotic song while campaigning for the Republican nomination in The Villages, Florida, in January.

It has to be mentioned that Obama has refused to apologize for attacks on Bain Capital and instead stepped up the negative campaign.

On a lighter note, what do you think of Mitt Romney's singing?

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