Monica Lewinsky Tell-All Book: Embarrassment For Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky is reportedly set to write a tell-all book about her relationship with Bill Clinton, including her intimate love letters to the ex-president and how he had an insatiable desire for threesomes.

Lewinsky, 39, reportedly wants revenge on Clinton, who she believes escaped unscathed while she has never been able to shake the disgrace of their Oval Office trysts.

Friends claim publishers are scrambling to get their hands on the book, and after holding meetings, she has learned she could get as much a $12 million if she recounts every juicy detail.

While she has not yet secured a book deal, her obvious attempts to cash in on the affair could rattle the Clinton marriage as well as wreck Hillary's bid for the presidency in 2016.

Speaking to the "National Enquirer", her pals claimed the memoir could even spark further health issues for the former president, who has undergone heart surgeries.

"Her book could be more than just revenge, it could kill him!" a source revealed.

Her bids for a book deal will at least shake Clinton - bringing him crashing down from the success he enjoyed after an energetic speech at the Democratic National Convention earlier this month.

"Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her," a friend told the Enquirer. "She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched."

It has to be noted that the book will also include never-before-seen love letters that she wrote to the president - some of which were so intimate she never sent them, another friend added.

They reportedly detail her love for Clinton and how Lewinsky, then just 22, could make him much happier than his wife, Hillary, who the president called a "cold fish".

He also laughed about his nonexistent sex life with his wife - and revealed he thought he was not the only one searching for love outside their marriage.

"Monica can describe how Bill went on and on about his insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds," the friend added.

As well as the heartbreak she suffered after her relationship with Clinton, Lewinsky also plans to detail the pain of ending a pregnancy at the height of her affair with the president, the source mentioned.

She was carrying a child fathered by a Pentagon employee called "Thomas", she revealed in an earlier biography written by Andrew Morton. "That void has never been filled," said the friend.

She decided to develop the memoir after her sullied reputation meant she struggled to find work but realised she would get a generous offer for the book.

According to Monica's pals, she is also writing it to get revenge on Clinton.

"For years, Monica tried to protect Bill out of a misplaced sense of loyalty," a source told the Enquirer. "But she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare."

During her grand jury testimony against Clinton in 1998, an immunity deal prevented her from exposing intimate details about their affair in the Morton expose that came out that year.

"But that agreement expired in 2001, and when Bill published his autobiography My Life three years later, Monica felt betrayed by him all over again," revealed the source.

Needless to say that at the wake of the scandal, Lewinsky became the centre of a political storm and gave a series of high-profile interviews.

But unable to escape the shake the reputation, she moved to England in 2005 where she earned her master's degree and worked as a news correspondent for the UK's Channel Five News.

Though it has been 14 years since she claimed she had nine sexual encounters with the president, her presence still looms in the life of Clinton's post-presidency and Hillary's political career.

In what was an unfortunate and awkward schedule at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina earlier this month, Lewinsky's former rabbi - who publicly condemned Clinton during the sex scandal - gave the benediction minutes after the former President took the stage.

ABC News reported that the awkward pairing was likely overlooked by organizers because Rabbi David Wolpe is such a well-known figure in the Jewish community.

And in July, during a visit to Egypt as U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was taunted by her husband's affair by protesters as they chanted "Monica, Monica!"

The certain thing is that Monica Lewinski's tell-all book will cause a lot of damage to Bill Clinton and his family. As soon as it is published, it will be a soldout and definitely a bestseller. What do you think?

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  1. It is pathetic. The man is ill; and now she wants revenge? From what her own stupidity? And and why someone would buy this kind of book? There are well written "erotic" books on the market; this is being done, not for revenge, but for the money. Pathetic.

  2. I think that money is the best revenge...what she did was stupid but his behaviour was just as bad.
    I admire Bill Clinton for getting off scott-free from this episode in their lives and making millions in speaking fees ... It's time for her to cash in.

    As for erotic books I doubt this will be written as a pap-novel...besides all the "good porn" is on line. :-)


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