Obama Wins Debate

It took until the final moments of the second presidential debate for US President Obama to finally bring up what many pundits considered would be a no-brainer for an attack on Romney: the GOP challenger’s behind-closed-doors criticism of "47%" of Americans.  

But according to the CBS News insta-poll as first reactions claim Obama won the debate 37% to Romney’s 30%. On the last question of the night, the candidates were asked what the biggest misunderstanding about them is... 

Romney insisted he want to serve "100%" of the people. Obama responded that he doesn’t believe that government creates jobs, stating he believes in self-reliance and risk-takers. 

The president’s kicker, however, was all about the 47%: "I believe when he said behind closed doors that 47 percent of the country considers themselves … think about who he was talking about."

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