Did Sofia Vergara Have Plastic Surgery ?

There is a lot of speculation that Sofia Vergara had plastic surgery.  

The question is: "What is Sofia Vergara's  response to plastic surgery rumors?"

Regarding her voluptuous figure, Vergara admitted: "One time, years ago, I remember my publicist (at the time) told me: "I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody's going to take you seriously here." My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like: "God is going to punish you! You can't cut your boobs!" I don't regret not doing it, because now it's become a big part of Gloria."

It has to be noted that Vergara is not against plastic surgery, but warns it should be used to look prettier, not younger. "I don't really think that plastic surgery can make you look young. It can make you look prettier, but if you go with the mentality of being young, I think that's where accidents can happen."

When Sofia Vergara was asked by Esquire magazine about the current plastic surgery trend in Hollywood, she told the magazine she is willing to possibly tweak her eyes but won’t go much further.  "That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak," Vergara was quoted as saying.

Vergara also revealed about her breasts: "For a long time, I thought that my boobs were too big and I was, like, 14 years old, and I already had these huge boobs. I was very skinny also. And now that I'm almost 40 - we always have our insecurities as women. We're never happy!"

What do you think? Did Sofia Vergara have plastic surgery?

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