Mitt Romney Goes To Church

Mitt Romney’s shocking decision to allow reporters to follow him into church in August 2012 drew a slew of major mainstream media coverage.

According to "The New York Times": "Mitt Romney read Scripture from his iPad as he juggled his 2-year-old grandson on his lap.

He made sure to accept a small piece of white bread and cup of water, representing the flesh and blood of Jesus, from a member of the clergy who looked like he was about to accidentally pass him by.

And with a knowing nod, he encouraged his wife, Ann, to leave the pew and join the women’s choir in a rendition of "Because I Have Been Given Much." (She did.)

On one level, it was a typical Sunday morning for Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and a devoted churchgoer. But on another level, his Sunday observance was an extraordinary  moment for a candidate who zealously protects his privacy and rarely talks about his Mormon faith".

The report referred to some specifics on the candidate’s wife, Ann Romney, joining the church women’s choir in a rendition of "Because I Have Been Given Much":

"At one point, volunteers were invited to join the women’s choir in song. Mr. Romney glanced at his wife, and gently and wordlessly suggested she do so. Mrs. Romney and her daughter-in-law both stood, walked to the front pulpit and along with about 40 others - nearly all the women in the congregation - began singing "Because I Have Been Given Much," a popular Mormon hymn about using one’s blessings to help other people. The lyrics include this line: "I shall divide my gifts from thee with every brother that I see, who has the need of help from me.""

"The Washington Post" mentioned Romney’s church experience into a lengthy investigative report on the candidate’s years as a church leader in Boston:

"On the presidential campaign trail, Romney has sealed off his experience as a Mormon prelate, only rarely and vaguely mentioning his church leadership. On Sunday, Romney, who often goes to Mormon services when on the road, read scriptures from an iPad, received the sacrament of white bread and water and sang hymns with his family as he attended church near his lake house in New Hampshire. And for the first time since becoming a presidential candidate, he invited the media to watch, indicating that he was willing to put aside reservations about the political consequences of his faith and start allowing some access to that private space."

"The Associated Press" used Romney allowing reporters into his church as a peg to explore the candidate’s decision to open up "a little" about his religion.

It has to be mentioned that Mitt Romney is not the only religious person taking his iPad to church these days.

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