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Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in Hollywood and of course has been dating many men in the past. Wanna know who dated Catherine? Let us examine Catherine Zeta-Jones' dating history below...  

1991 - August 1993
Catherine Zeta-Jones dated for two years from 1991 director Nick Hamm after making it big by portraying a sexy farm girl on the show "The Darling Buds of May". They went their separate ways when Catherine pushed him to have a family. Leslie, 37, has since claimed: "I don't think I had been in love…"

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her married co-star in the television mini-series "Catherine The Great" Paul McGann were seen in a passionate embrace. Paul left his wife Annie and two sons and he and Catherine were rumored to be househunting in west London.

1995 - 1996
Catherine Zeta-Jones and actor Angus Macfadyen were engaged for 15 months before he called their wedding off.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was rumored to be dating film producer Jon Peters.

Catherine Zeta-Jones dated in the late '90s Simply Red rocker Mick Hucknall.

September 1998 - Present
Catherine Zeta-Jones is married to Michael Douglas. The two met in September 1998 at a private screening of "Zorro," after Douglas asked Antonio Banderas to introduce them. Even with a 25-year age difference they hit it off, and on New Year's Eve in 1999 Michael proposed - with a 10-carat diamond ring! "As soon as I met Catherine, I told her I wanted to have babies with her," Douglas claimed, "and the moment I found out she had the same birthday as me - ta dah! Then, when I discovered she loved golf, I realized all my fantasies had come true," Douglas was quoted as saying. The pair welcomed a son named Dylan on August 8, 2000 and wed on November 18 of that year. The wedding cost $1.5 million and included 350 guests. On April 20, 2003 they welcomed a daughter named Carys.

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