Madonna Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder: "Is Madonna Jewish?", the truth is that Madonna is not Jewish.  

To take things from the very beginning, Madonna was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. Upon receiving confirmation, she adopted "Veronica" as an additional confirmation name. She attended St. Frederick's and St. Andrew's Catholic Elementary Schools and then West Middle School.

Madonna (with her ex husband, director Guy Ritchie) embraced the Kabbalah, a sect of Judaism, which studies the Kabbalah, the book of Jewish mysticism. 

We have to acknowledge the fact that
Madonna appears quite serious about it: she has incorporated Kabbalah-inspired themes into her music, sees rabbis, visits Israel and even has donated $18 million to the Kabbalah Centre, a controversial organization led by a New York-born former insurance salesman turned rabbi named Philip Berg.

The bizarre thing is that Madonna, who is not Jewish, is the public face of Kabbalah. It was the Berg family that repackaged an esoteric body of Jewish thought into a universal self-help theosophy open to Jew and Gentile alike. In the process, the Centre stripped Kabbalah of much of its Jewishness. The website claims it plainly: "Kabbalah is not a religion." 

According to critics, the Kabbalah Centre have almost nothing to do with classical Jewish mysticism.

It has to be noted that Madonna has written that Kabbalah has "nothing to do with religious dogma."

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