Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston's Aunt Found Whitney Dead In The Hotel Bathtub

Whitney Houston's aunt, Mary Jones, is  the person who discovered Whitney's body in the hotel bathtub. She  pulled her out and made unsuccessful efforts of  reviving her ...

According to TMZ reports,Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was in Whitney's room, laid out her dress for the Clive Davis party and then left for 30 minutes.  When she returned, she knocked at the bathroom door and entered to find Whitney submerged in the bathtub.

Mary tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Whitney before paramedics arrived. 

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  1. ok before she laid out whitneys dress where was whitney and what was she doing? Who was in the room with her during that time? who brought whitney her food/drinks? I ask this because 30mins is not enough time for someone to take meds and get an instant reaction... Unless the alcohol relaxed her along with the bath and food... Many are sleepy after a meal.


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