Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston's Boyfriend Talks About Whitney !

Ray J ,who was one of the people who spent time with Whitney Houston in her last days , is expressing his sorrow over her loss.

In a statement to "The Associated Press" on Friday, he stated he's spent the last few days trying to "process the emptiness that I feel."

The singer said the world lost an icon but he lost a "close friend." Calling her by her nickname, he added: "Nippy I miss you so much!"

On the other hand, it has to be mentioned that Ray J denied that he had a relationship with Whitney. Actually he claimed that they were only very close friends. To be more exact:

Ray J opened up about Whitney Houston in an interview with "The Insider" that was posted on Friday, just one day before her tragic death.

The singer, who was on the show to discuss his new book,"Death of the Cheating Man", was asked  about his relationship with Houston, and denied rumors they were back together.

Ray J told host Kevin Frazier the new reports, which were set off by the pair’s dinner outing in L.A. last week, were blown "out of proportion."

He said, "That’s my friend, I’ve been knowing her for years and years… she’s a friend of the family."

As for if they were ever romantically involved, the singer remained tight-lipped, and would only say, "I have a lot of love for her, and I have a lot of respect for her."

Asked by Frazier how Houston was doing, Ray J responded, "Great."

But when the host inquired as to whether she was "past her demons," Ray J would only say, "We had a great dinner."

There are also many rumors about Whitney and Ray J that they had a very violent and abusive relationship.They are many who compare Ray J to Bobby Brown. Hope that's not true...

 Anyway, his representative, Courtney Barnes, says Ray J, whose sister is singer Brandy, will be at Saturday's funeral for Houston in Newark, N.J.

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