Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooke Hogan Joins The "TNA Wrestling Family" !

Brooke Hogan is reportedly following in her dad's giant yellow footsteps. In fact, she has just signed a deal to join the "TNA Wrestling family."

TNA President Dixie Carter states that Brooke is not going to be a wrestler but rather an executive who will be tasked to develop female talent.

According to reports, Brooke's duties will help up and coming she-wrestlers develop their characters, help with backstage promos and even consult on entrance music.

Obviously, 24-year-old Brooke has been around the wrestling world her whole life and believes she can help improve the organization. Due to the fact that her father also works for TNA
it appears that it certainly played a major role to the deal.

Carter reveals: "Brooke is such a great talent who's really sharp and will make a great addition to the TNA family."

What do you think?

Is Brooke a great asset to the TNA family?

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