Britney Spears Before And After

Britney had her first surgery on her nose (rhinoplasty). Before the nose job, Briney's nose was much wider than today.

Her nеw nose іѕ a copy οf hеr natural nose іn іtѕ form and undeniably seems smaller.

Now Britney's nose is less bulbous and pudgy than it was in her Mouseketeer days and more narrow. Thеre are rumors that the plastic surgeon didn't achieve thе result wіth one surgery, ѕο thе Princess of Pop hаd tο go under the knife again. Her new nose is thinner and "pinched at the tip" as compared to the natural one.

Her next big surgery was her famous boob job (breast augmentation) that she got when she was just a teenager. Britney went from borderline flat chested to having big breasts. It has to be noted that
Britney then denied the implant rumors and even made fun of them on her appearance as host of "Saturday Night Live".

It  was reported that Britney Spears did indeed get breast implants as a teen (with her mother's consent), but had them later removed.

According to sources, Britney "regretted the implants, particularly because her chest was still growing, and when her natural breasts became larger, she had the implants removed."

To be more exact, Britney got her implants down sized during her pregnancy period, but that didn't last as she was recently spotted with an over-inflated chest again (that's three breast augmentations if you're counting). She also seems to have started getting Botox injected into her upper lip. 

After giving birth to her two children, her body was understandably not what it once was and it's rumored she combated this by having a ton of liposuction treatments to her stomach, thighs, legs, and butt, as evidenced by the rapid change in the shape of her legs. Her legs actually went from chunky to thin in days!

There are many who claim that Britney Spears in the video clip for her song "Hold It Against Me" has debuted a new body!

Those people insist that Britney had a boob job and some work (liposuction and tummy tuck) done on her stomach. Britney's  body looks a little different and slightly off to be the natural results of the gym and supportive undergarments. 

In detail, Spears allegedly visited a liposuction specialist in Las Vegas in early 2007 about getting Lipodissolve, a type of mesotherapy procedure. For those who are interested, "Mesotherapy" is a procedure that is popular in Europe that is aimed at reducing fat and improving the apperance of cellulite through a series of injections with micro needles.

It has to be mentioned that plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Jacobs, who lost his license to practice  plastic surgery in 2007, previously offered to give Spears a free mommy makeover complete with a tummy tuck and body contouring as a free Christmas present. Spears never took up Dr. Jacobs' offer. 

Since losing custody of her children, Spears has reportedly gotten lip injections. Spears in fact was spotted leaving a plastic surgery medical building in Beverly Hills covering her lips. 

Photos of Spears revealed that her her upper lip is unnaturally large and pointing upwards and her lower lips which are normally more subdued have gained volume and definition. Dr. John Di Saia has stated "Britney Spears seems to have fresh, but well done lip filler here. It always appears a bit funny right after it is done. This is probably just a few days old." 

Spears' dramatically thin legs have caused rumors that she has had liposuction. Pictures of her in November 2007 compared to her pictures in August 2007, reveal that her thighs seem to have lost an inch off their circumference and her calves look slimmer but the top portion of her body looks the same. 

A close-up photo of her thigh shows a dent, that could possibly be a liposuction scar.

Plastic Surgeon John Di Sai claims: "Lipo is a hard item upon which to comment. She seems somewhat into cosmetic work as she gets regular lip injections. Statistically I'd say her possibility of having done Lipo Dissolve and/or more invasive Lipo is fairly high."

After Spears' dramatic weight loss to restore her body to her pre baby days, there was much speculation about the use of liposuction. However, recent photos of Spears does not show any swelling in her abdomen, a classic sign of liposuction. Dr. John Saia has declared "It seems more likely to me that she starved herself or used stimulants. The swelling from lipo would still be there. I'd wager she's had lipo in the past though."

Before starting her "Circus tour", Britney was rumored to have said wanted a breast reduction, stating "At the moment I hate them. I want them smaller … I'm tempted to have a breast reduction so I can slink into some amazing stage outfits for my next set of shows. I know they look sexy but sometimes they get in the way."

Now it appears that Britney may have gone through with her plan for smaller breasts, removing the implants all together, as photos from her "Circus tour" seem to indicate.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston: "Britney Spears has been open about her experience with plastic surgery in the past. It has been speculated that she has undergone several procedure before like Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. However the most recent photographs of Britney Spears show something unexpected, she has a smaller chest. The only way that Ms. Spears would have been able to achieve this look would be with the help of a surgeon. My estimation is that she had her breast implants removed and I think she looks great with this more natural size."

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia claims: "It seems more likely to me that she starved herself or used stimulants. The swelling from lipo would still be there. I'd wager she's had lipo in the past though."

Whatever the reason for Britney's recent weight loss, Britney must be looking picture perfect 24/7 for television!

It has to be said that one report mentions that on the very day that Donda West died from complications from plastic surgery, Britney Spears underwent a cosmetic makeover at the Advanced LipoDissolve Center in Las Vegas. During this visit, Britney was said to have $12,000 head to toe makeover, complete with liposuction on her thighs and buttocks.

There is a rumor circling around that says that Britney had Smartlipo done with Dr. John Minoli in Las Vegas while she was house hunting with her cousin Alli Sims. 

But the question is: "What is SmartLipo?" 
SmartLipo is ideal for treating small areas of the face, chin, neck, arms, breasts (gynecomastia), thighs, and areas of loose and flabby skin,  because SmartLipo melts away fat using a high powered laser. In more detail, a very small cannula (tube) that is approximately 1.0-2.0 millimeters in diameter contains a laser fiber that is inserted into the skin. 

The cannula is moved back and forth, delivering the laser's energy to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away. As the laser tip comes in contact with the fat cells, the tip literally melts the fat. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis and results in collagen shrinkage - meaning it creates a desirable tightening effect on the area.

A third report rehashes an old rumor that Britney had yet another series of Lipodissolve shots, which the Pop Princess was rumored to have.

You may wonder:" What is  Lipodissolve?"

Lipodissolve, also known as "Lipolysis", "Lipotherapy", 
"Lipo-dissolve", "Lipostabil", "ThinJection"and "Flab Jab", is a controversial procedure in which drug mixtures are injected into patients to destroy fat cells, which then leave the body along with normal waste removal.  

It has to  be noted that this procedure is similar in concept to mesotherapy as "Lipodissolve" claims to remove excess fat in localized areas of the body. Fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, face, and back, are often the primary concerns of those patients seeking this procedure. 

While some patients may lose up to three inches in circumference, results vary from patient to patient. The drug mixtures used in the procedure, which have yet to be approved by the FDA, are delivered through multiple microinjections into subcutaneous fat. These injections take place over one to three treatment sessions, which are each four to six weeks apart.

Some friends of Britney are supposedly stating that Brit is so pleased with the liposuction results that she is already saying "Gimme More". One source hinted that Britney may have a breast augmentation and a lift.

"She wants her perky pre-baby boobs back" one source close to Britney revealed. 

Plastic surgeon Antony Youn stated about Britney's liposuction rumor: "It's difficult to say whether she's had liposuction based off these photos. Either way, her legs do look a bit thinner in the after photo, and it may be the result of liposuction, but can also be related to getting in better shape and weight loss. The small dent in her buttock may be natural, or it could be a scar from liposuction surgery." 

Plastic surgeon John Di Saia told "Make Me Heal" that while "Lipo is a hard item upon which to comment," he was more open minded about the possibility of liposuction for Britney Spears.

"She seems somewhat into cosmetic work as she gets regular lip injections. Statistically I'd say her possibility of having done Lipo Dissolve and/or more invasive Lipo is fairly high" Saia added.

But what is plastic surgeons' opinion about Britney's photo  sucking on a Starbucks latte while revealing freshly puffed lips which is apparently an indication
of lip injections?

Plastic surgeon John Di Saia was first to spot the lip injections, noting in his blog "Britney Spears seems to have fresh, but well done lip filler here. It always appears a bit funny right after it is done. This is probably just a few days old."

We have to admit though that this photo of Britney shows her upper lip to be unnaturally large and pointing upwards. Moreover, her lower lips which are normally more subdued have gained volume and definition. Probably Britney had Juvederm, Restylane or Collagen injections.

It has to be added though that papparazi ambushed Britney Spears outside a plastic surgery medical building in Beverly Hills and caught her on tape hiding her lips during the entire the time they were filming her exiting the building parking lot. Putting the two incidents together, it becomes quite apparent that Britney got her lips don to look beautiful for her two children.

Star Magazine claimed a few years ago that Britney Spears planned to get 12 lipodissolve treatments (a type of cellulite/fat reduction procedure), a breast lift, a lower-body lift for her thighs and buttocks, liposuction to get excess fat off her stomach and love handles as well as a brachioplasty (arm lift) to tighten up flab on her arms. 

She even planned on getting 12 of the $1,500 lipdissolve treatments over a 24-week period. She had the intention to spend $8,000 on a breast lift, $12,000 on a lower-body lift for the thighs and buttocks, $16,000 on liposuction for her back, stomach, and love handles, and $6,000 on brachioplasty to tighten up her upper arms. This all comes down to a grand total of $130,000.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also shares in the skepticism about the truth of whether Britney Spears will have all the alleged procedures done, or maybe just some of them.

Dr. Youn writes in his blog, "While this information is from Star Magazine, a "reputable" tabloid, I doubt it is completely accurate. Lower body lifts and brachioplasties would leave her with long scars which could easily be visible depending on the clothes she wears. 

In addition, while she may have gained some weight recently, this is no reason for her to have these surgeries. They are not for weight loss. Brachioplasty and lower body lifts are usually reserved for people with massive weight loss, such as Star Jones or Newman from Seinfeld."

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn wrote in his blog about Britney's looks : "From my standpoint, I think she looked good for someone who's had two children. Sure, her performance was terrible (closer to Ashley Simpson than Milli Vanilli), and she should have worn more clothing, but geez, are some people cruel."
On the other hand, Simon Cowell was very cruel  about Britney's looks stating: "I would have pulled her off the stage no matter the bill. It would have been worth it - no matter the cost - to save any chance she had of resurrecting her career." 

Plastic surgeon Rob Oliver wrote on his blog about Britney: "She's got a modest "mommy tummy" which is relaxation of her muscles and fascia of the abdominal wall you get from pregnancy, weight gain/loss, and normal aging. 

The younger you are and the less weight you gain when you get pregnant, the less of this you tend to see. To restore her ailing body to shape, she’d need some variation of a tummy tuck with some skin/fat excised, and then some liposuction to tighten the muscle and fascia that became loosened during her pregnancies".

What do you think of Britney Spears before and after plastic surgery?

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