Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kylie Minogue About Cancer: "I Was Very Lucky In My Misfortune"

Kylie Minogue's battle with cancer dominated a publicity interview with "Paris Match "magazine, with Kylie claiming: "Over time, people have a tendency to forget about it. Not me. A day does not go by without me thinking about it. Just looking in a mirror is enough – the scars are moral and physical."

"There are days when I feel an incredible anger, others when I say that I was very lucky in my misfortune." Kylie stated.

"I always try to present an optimistic picture. At first, I look very open, but basically, I'm pretty reserved. I knew I was strong, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who really loved me."Kylie declared.

"I feel like a cat, having had several lives. In my career as in my personal life, I made enough bad decisions to land me in deep water. Finally, I haven’t got out too badly."Kylie quoted as saying.

Following her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2005, Kylie spent much of her time being treated in Paris, where she lived with her then boyfriend, the actor Olivier Martinez.

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