Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madonna's Yearbook At Auction !

A photograph of Madonna at the age of 14 has surfaced as a former classmate prepares to sell her yearbook at auction.

The photograph, which appeared in the 1972 yearbook of "West Junior High School in Michigan", shows the Queen of Pop with dark brown locks and a innocent smile across her face.

Despite the sweet-as-pie expression, Madonna, now 53, was said to be a rebellious student at the Rochester Hill, Michigan school.

Set to be auctioned through Christie's in London, the yearbook belongs to "Nancy" and is expected to fetch about $2350 when it goes on sale on June 12.

Madonna had also written a note to her classmate, which read: "Dear Nancy, I hope you have fun at Adams and the years to come. Madonna "76"'.

Adams is said to be a reference to Adams High School, where Madonna later went herself.

The number "76" is said to refer to her cheerleading number at the time.

Beneath the black and white photograph reads her full name - Madonna Ciccone.

It has to be noted that the auction will also include a pair of boxer shorts that she wore in the 1985 film "Desperately Seeking Susan".

The shorts are expected to fetch about $1,250.

Helen Hall, a spokesman from the salesroom at Christie's, told "The Sun": "I think it is very rare for one of the yearbooks from Madonna's junior high school with her in it, to come on to the market. I have never seen one before."

She added that the item should prove extremely popular.

"It is very far removed from rock 'n' roll and shows someone who is rather innocent and young," she continued.

"It looks like Madonna has dark hair and the camera clearly liked her from an early age and shows the signs of the star she was to become," she quoted as saying.

"There are huge Madonna fans all over the globe and there is a big market," she added.

When Madonna was a student at West Junior High School, she was said to have become known for her unorthodox behaviour.

It has been said that she would perform cartwheels and handstands in the school's hallways between her classes.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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