Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anne Bancroft Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder if Anne Bancroft was Jewish, the truth is that Bancroft (real name: Anna Maria Louisa Italiano) was not Jewish.  

In detail, Bancroft was born in The Bronx, New York, the daughter of Mildred, a telephone operator, and Michael Italiano, a dress pattern maker. Her parents were both children of Italian immigrants. She was brought up as a Roman Catholic.

There were rumors though that Anne Bancroft converted to Judaism when she got married with Mel Brooks, which is not true. There were rumors as well that Mel Brooks converted to Catholicism when he tied the knot with Anne Bancroft, which is not true either.

The truth is that they both stayed committed to their religions: he stayed Jewish, she stayed Catholic.

When Bancroft and Mel had a son, Maximilian (Max) Michael Brooks, in 1972, Anne wanted to have him baptized. Mel didn't, so they agreed that Max would be baptized, but also bar mitzvahed when he turned 13. When Max became an adult, he ended up choosing Judaism.

Conclusion: Anne Bancroft was not Jewish.

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