Sigourney Weaver Quotes

1. There's a lot of conning as part of our society, I think.

2. Sometimes you trust someone who turns out not to be honest. There are a lot of things that happen in life that don't turn out the way you're given the impression that they will. And I think that's all kind of a con. But I think we've probably all been hurt.

3. Usually it's the guys that don't follow you around, who you're attracted to!

4. I'd rather have a small part in a movie I love than a bigger part in one I don't care about.

5. It's rare when you have everything going perfectly all at the same time.

6. I'm having a wonderful time producing. There are good producers and bad producers. I've learned the hard way what not to do. The ultimate aim is to produce things I'm not actually in. I'm not looking for vehicles for myself. It's not a vanity company.

7. Well, I've always admired Margaret Rutherford. Like her I'd like to play Miss Marple when I'm eighty.

8. What makes these creatures so awful is the feeling that they can use us in ways too horrible to imagine-and yet, we DO imagine them, which makes it worse than seeing it.

9. Some of the most intense affairs are between actors and characters. There's a fire in the human heart and we jump into it with the same obsession as we have with our lovers.

10. I worked hard and made my own way, just as my father had. And just, I'm sure, as he hoped I would. I learned, from observing him, the satisfaction that comes from striving and seeing a dream fulfilled.

11. I'd rather work with a first-time director who's passionate about the material. I've done enough movies with old and jaded people who are just like: "Let's get this over with."

12. With "Alien", because we always use a different director, each one kind of stands on its own. So I guess it's possible for them to make another one, but we have no plans.

13. I've always regretted having such a serious career because I'm really more of an idiot.

14. I don't really see science fiction as fiction. I can imagine colonies on Mars and everything.

15. I don't want to leave New York and leave my family. I don't like the distance. I just did a movie in California and it's kind of excruciating to be away from them so I think there is that sense.

16. Secretly, I had always wanted to go to Vegas, and have my own really bad act!

17. I wanted to play a mother again. I thought it would be interesting to play the mother of an older child. And it was also the kind of part I've been looking for my whole career, actually, in film. You know, just to play a femme fatale who's very smart, and wicked.

18. As an actor, the second and last ones were interesting for me. Because those parts had the most change in playing someone who was both light and dark, sort of Jekyl and Hyde.

19. I love playing an alien.

20. (on her television series "Political Animals") I was offered this show just as I was realizing that TV was a cool place to work. A series can really take the time to build and layer and tell a different kind of story. It's delicious. It's like a stew instead of a little vegan meal.

21. In Hollywood, if you are a man and speak your mind openly, you're considered a man in full. But, if you are a woman and do the same, you're nothing but an annoying bitch.

22. (on "Political Animals") When I finally got to this material, to my great surprise, I felt I had been eating salad for a number of years and was finally offered a big, juicy hamburger. Because it's so different from what's going on in movies, which are dominated by effects and action and comic-book characters. To sink my teeth into these relationships has been just fantastic.

23. I am more of a New Yorker than ever and just actually, sometimes I fantasize about living somewhere else, where it's maybe not quite so crowded or stressful, blah, blah, blah and after September 11th, I guess I could just not imagine living anywhere else.

24. Usually all Hollywood wants you to do is what you just did. After "The Ice Storm" I was offered a thousand "Ice Storms" and so on. You always get offered the same thing again and again, if you're not very careful. It's up to you to swing back and forth.

25. I just feel that getting out there physically and protecting New York, putting my arms around everyone and protecting them…to see this happen to our city and our community.

26. I think I get sent the roles Meryl's (Meryl Streep) not doing.

27. I love the role of Ripley.

28. These deep sea trawlers are operating beyond the reach of the law. It's up to all of us to change that.

29. I love working quickly. I don't like to do thousands of takes, and I don't want to do thousands of set ups.

30. Most people think somebody, somewhere is looking out for the deep oceans, but they aren't.

31. I think I have always tried to do the smaller films. I like to jump around and there is something really nice for acting in a smaller film. But I think now, Hollywood's movies certainly involve a younger generation for the most part and so….I love going back and forth.

32. I've lost a lot of roles because of my height. I'm 6ft 3in in heels. Producers are short and I was never their sexual fantasy. As for actors, if I enter a room and an actor stands up then immediately gets self-conscious and sits back down, I hear myself saying: "This job isn't for me". I once offered to paint my shoes on my bare feet to get one part because it made me appear shorter.

33. I'd be more interested in doing a smaller, character driven thing, rather than another action picture.

34. I'm always the last person they go to with a sequel, because I'm the most skeptical. You know, I'm very proud of what we've done, and I don't want to screw up our series.

35. I don't have ambitions, I believe in taking what comes. I have that philosophy about life in general. I go in and try to transform it into the best it can be.

36. I've always thought that a lot of the problems in the world would be solved if a spaceship did arrive, then anyone with one head and two arms and two legs would be your brother! It wouldn't matter where they were from or what they believed or anything. It might be good for us.

37. It took me a while to let my hair down in the business because I was kind of a shy person. I was from New York and never really felt at ease in Hollywood. I don't really now either but I don't care, it's not important that I do. Filmmakers find me or I find them.

38. I'm no Ripley. I had doubts that I could play her as strongly as she had to be played, but I must say that it was fun exploring that side of myself. Women don't get to do that very often.

39. (on the possibility of performing in a fourth Alien movie) I am sure there will eventually be an "Alien 4", it just wont have me in it.

40. I've been very fortunate to be able to jump around. I just did this really wonderful film called "Map of the World". That was a real, amazing, dramatic story. Then I did a movie called "Company Men", a little comedy about the Bay of Pigs.

41. (on "Alien 3") Okay, the crew have not enjoyed being here until ten o'clock at night, but, you know, that's the way it is.

42. If you come back from the dead, you don't have the same value system, I think.

43. (on "Alien 3") Fincher is very dry. He is the only director I can think of who can come up with so many jokes, considering the pressure he has been under.

44. Maybe you're better to play a villain just straight out.

45. (on hoping to do another "Alien" movie) I could definitely kick that alien's ass again. And while I can't speak for them, I think Fox, once you're 60, you're not going to be starring in an action movie. I think it's too bad that that's the case. I would have liked to do one last story where we go back to the planet, where Ripley's history is resolved. But I do feel like her story is unfinished.

46. My father was always very interested in space. I watch "Star Trek" and all those things, but I always had a different picture in my mind…maybe closer to "Alien". I don't see it in space as much as I do see it in different planets, with each having its own strange characters.

47. (on "The Year of Living Dangerously") It was a happy experience. Mel Gibson was quite happy for me to wear four-inch heels if I wanted and Peter Weir gave me a sense of film I hadn't had before.

48. It was actually a relief for me to play an actor who was scared, who didn't know where everything was, who didn't know what buttons to push, and for me to be able to play all that.

49. (on her role as a student activist) Napalm was invented at Stanford University, so one of the reasons we were protesting was to make sure that didn't continue. I think we stopped the university and we helped stop that war.

50. My husband is from Hawaii and his father who was also born in Hawaii was a teenager when Pearl Harbor happened, right before church and he ran up and got on the roof of his grandfather's house and watched the planes go over.

51. One of the reasons I did this, because I wasn't really looking for another science fiction film, was that my daughter can see it. She's 9 and it's really a good film for all ages.

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