Is Sigourney Weaver Married ?

Just in case you wonder if Sigourney Weaver (full name: Susan Alexandra Weaver) is married, the truth is that Weaver, 63, is still married.  

In fact, Weaver has been married to the filmmaker Jim Simpson since October 1, 1984 after just two months of dating! They are the parents of one daughter, Charlotte Simpson, who was born on April 13, 1990.

It has to be noted that Weaver has admitted that it has taken a huge amount of effort on her husband's part to keep their relationship on track.

"We met at a theatre festival party in 1983. I asked him to dance and he said: "No." I was crushed. Later he agreed to a date and two months after that we got married. He is a strong man to be married to someone famous, you have to be," Weaver revealed to the Daily Express.

"He handles the fuss with grace. I get far more attention than him, but it's clear for both of us that his work is as important as mine," Weaver added.

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