Sigourney Weaver Plastic Surgery

We all know that in Hollywood the pressure is too high for celebrities to remain forever young. On the other hand, there are few of them who swear that they will never go under the plastic surgeon's knife. The reason? Well, these celebrities have completely come to terms with their flaws and love being natural.  

American actress Sigourney Weaver (birth name: Susan Alexandra Weaver) has repeatedly spoken out against botox and plastic surgery.

In 2007, Sigourney, now 63, revealed to People magazine: "It's not for me. It's more interesting to learn how to get strong, and be strong. My face is my canvass and I think it's much more interesting now than it ever was."

At 58, Sigourney was quoted as saying: "Actors' faces have to move. It's a personal choice. It depends on what you want. Yes, we probably want to see perfect people, too, but we also want to see people who look like us. It's just about skin care and maybe exercise."

"I'm all for taking care of yourself. My mother was awfully good at that. She was an amateur athlete for a long time and every kiss I got from her at night was saturated with night cream," Sigourney explained.

"I do think life should put lines on your face, or you're not getting out enough," Sigourney stated.

"I find that look scary. And I like getting older. There's nothing more inspiring to me than a woman in her 70s who's full of life and and still useful. I never notice age in people's faces. I just look at the whole person," Weaver continued.

"I would never have plastic surgery or Botox injections. How can you as an actress? They both leave you with such a tight, unreal look. It's something fans and audiences pick up on instantly. I like my body now, where, in younger days, I could always find fault. I feel I have my curves at last. They may come from age, but I don't care. I'm just glad they are there."

Judging by the before and after photos, the typical areas of cosmetic enhancement seem untouched. Weaver has prominent forehead lines, crows feet, lip lines and lip thinning which we see over time. She undoubtedly takes good care of her skin with an aggressive skin care regimen and less invasive measures.

The majority of plastic surgeons agree that Weaver's looks are very natural and if she has had any plastic surgery it has been done conservatively. On the other hand, there are few plastic surgeons who don't believe that Weaver didn't have work done…

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange believes that Weaver had a nose job in the past, followed by at least a facelift. He concludes that by comparing her current appearance with how she looked as a youth. "She had at least one rhinoplasty. Likely at least one facelift with forehead lift and eyes. Probably more than that. Much of this might have been long ago, but it is still surgery for someone speaking out against it as she has been lately," Dr. John Di Saia explained.

"I think the nasal tip was pinched a bit too much. Her hairline might have been moved a bit by a forehead lift too. This could also just be hair loss," Di Saia was quoted as saying.

"She benefited by what she had years ago quite a bit. But "when she came out against plastic surgery in general I thought that was a bit hypocritical," Di Saia stated.

"For a while she looked pretty good. I thought between "Alien" and the next few films in the "Alien" series she looked nice. Some of the changes afterward could be due to regular aging as well. Some skin care might be helpful," Di Saia added.

"Doesn't look like it to me, from this and other pictures I've seen of her," Dr. Val Lambros of Newport Beach was quoted as saying.

"Try as I might, I do not see any obvious evidence of plastic surgery on Ms. Weaver. Her nasal changes appear to be a natural aging progression," Dr. Michael Persky of Encino claimed.

Dermatologist Dr. Vince Afsahi of Tustin and Newport Beach revealed: "Sigourney Weaver looks very good for 61 years old. She has certainly good genes and is aging gracefully."

Dr. Christopher Zachary, chairman of the UCI Department of Dermatology, revealed: "In all fairness, sometimes you have to believe the customer. Ms. Weaver looks very natural, and if she tells us she has had no cosmetic surgery, I for one believe her. Many of her contemporaries will present to their dermatologists with the normal aging changes that she features…chronic photodamage with pigmentary changes (lentigenes), low brow position (ptosis), bony resorption, wrinkles (rhytids) and so forth. Some are going to say that she has had a nose job (rhinoplasty), but to me she just looks as pretty as ever."

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer advised: "Sigourney Weaver is blessed with great looks. If she chose to undergo some procedures, I would suggest Botox Cosmetic for her crow's feet, glabella and forehead. She may also benefit from an upper lid belpharoplasty, upper lip filler and laser resurfacing of her periorbital and perioral areas to decrease her fine lines."

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, explained: "Sigourney Weaver looks very natural and is aging nicely. It does not appear she has had any surgery or fillers injected. As far as recommending any procedures, it is strictly Sigourney's personal preference as to whether or not she would like to have anything performed. She looks great no matter what, and if the natural look is what she prefers than she should stick with it."

What do you think? Did Sigourney Weaver have plastic surgery?

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