Friday, April 12, 2013

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Surgery

American film actress Jennifer Connelly (full name: Jennifer Lynn Connelly) is rumored to have had a breast reduction surgery.

Judging by the before and after photos, Connelly's breast size looked like a large 34D, but now it's more like an average sized B cup. 

Many celebrity watchers estimate that Connelly, 42, had breast implants when she was younger, claiming that she later possibly had back pains or other physical discomforts associated with it as well, so she decided that she should do something about it. 

We should take into consideration though that Connelly's breasts seemed smaller when she lost a lot of weight.

Connelly's publicist Cari Ross flatly denied the breast reduction surgery rumor, revealing: "It's absolutely not true swear on my life. She simply lost weight, and when she did she apparently lost weight in her breasts as well. She's put on weight since the Oscars, and you can see in pictures taken since then that they're sort of back."

Conclusion: It is unknown whether Jennifer Connelly had breast implants placed and removed or if she was naturally busty and had the reduction because of the neck and back pain that is often associated with a large chest.

What do you think? Did Jennifer Connelly have breast reduction surgery?

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