Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rihanna Nose Job

Barbadian recording artist, actress and fashion designer Rihanna (full name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty) is rumored to have had a nose job.

Judging by the before and after pictures, we can't help but notice that Rihanna's nose has changed a bit: her old nose was wider and rounder with little projection while now looks smaller and thinner. She likely had some sculpting on the tip, base and bridge of her nose.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Rihanna's nose job?"

NYC based plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida stated: "I like the end result. It isn't overdone."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley, who also teaches at UCLA, wrote on his blog: "Well, Rihanna is already a supernova, and her rhinoplasty simply refines her brilliance. Yes, I confirm the fact that having performed thousands of rhinoplasties, Rihanna had rhinoplasty. You can see how her nostrils are less bulky, but still ethnically appropriate. Her midportion of her nose has more linear, and less triangular look to it. Her tip is narrower, and has a slight upward tilt. Sometimes we watch plastic surgery lead celebrities like meteors careening to an earthly demise. Other times, the stars just shine brighter and we just have to admire them."

Dr. Walden revealed to Make Me Heal: "After looking at photos from the beginning of her career, it is very likely Rihanna has had work done on her nose. Her nose now appears much slimmer and more projected with a thinner base."

"She appears to have undergone nasal reshaping or rhinoplasty to give her nose a more refined look," Dr. Jennifer Walden told US tabloid Life & Style.

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who along with Dr. Walden was one of the nine surgeons who were contacted by Life & Style, added that Rihanna's "nostrils were made smaller and the bridge was built up a little. She had work done on the tip too.

"It looks great - whoever did it, did a nice job," Dr. Fiorillo admitted.

Dr. Aston explained: "The very beautiful Rihanna has been subject of much debate in regards to her plastic surgery. I think that Rihanna has undergone both rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Her nose looks much slimmer and narrower than it did when she first started her career. Rihanna's result is perfection. Her breast augmentation was also very well done. Rumor has it that her management team went to great lengths to keep her surgery a secret by creating a bogus leg injury. Whatever the case may be, Rihanna is very talented and marketable and plastic surgery helped her achieve her goals." 

Dr. David Shafer claimed: "Rihanna looks great - fresh, bright and beautiful. There has been some speculation of rhinoplasty in the past, but I see no evidence of recent plastic surgery."

Conclusion: Rihanna had a very well executed nose job. What do you think?

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