Thursday, May 16, 2013

Does Wendy Williams Have Breast Implants ?

American media personality, actress and author Wendy Williams, best known for her television talk show  "The Wendy Williams Show," has reportedly gotten breast implants to boost her self-esteem.  

Williams previously had a small breast that didn't fit well her voluptuous frame, but after getting breast implants her breast size has been increased to a 36DD! So, now Wendy has unnaturally and fake-looking large breasts that appear to work for her.

During an episode of "The Wendy Williams Show", Williams, 48, admitted that she had breast implants 14 years ago. And while her nationally-syndicated talk show airs while her son Kevin is in school, Williams forgot he catches up with the shows later online. 

Wendy Williams has asked plenty of outrageous questions on her daytime talk show. But not even she was prepared for the moment her 9-year-old son said to her: "Mom, are your boobs real?"

"I gagged when my son came and asked me about the implants," Wiliams revealed to PEOPLE. "It was "Where did you hear that?" But it was on my own show."

"Our son did not know I had breast implants," Williams explained, noting: "So I sat down and went through plastic surgery with him. And it was great, because I was able to let him know that when his dad met me, I was completely natural. The beauty of my story is that "Your dad met me as a frog and I have transformed myself, because I wanted to, into a swan." "

After her son was born, Wendy had a tummy tuck, liposuction and implants replacement. And, now she is satisfied and confident with her new appearance. "Surgery gave me body acceptance. I say boola-boola to all you women out there who don't care how you look. I was never comfortable being overweight. I always felt like a smaller woman trapped in that big body, waiting to be unleashed," Williams was quoted as saying, noting: "I know I'm not perfect, but plastic surgery has allowed me the freedom mentally to be me".

At the same time she got breast implants 14 years ago, Williams admitted that she also had liposuction. "I just wanted to fit into good clothes," Wendy revealed, claiming: "I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality."

Despite her past plastic surgery, Williams stated she didn't go under the knife before her talk show debuted in the summer.

"I didn't do anything for TV," Williams explained, adding: "I was already here, and already okay with myself. What am I supposed to fix at this point?" 

It has to be mentioned that Williams has often described her history of plastic surgeries also in print.

In her book: "Wendy's Got the Heat," Wendy credits plastic surgery with unleashing the "smaller woman trapped in that big body" and giving her breasts the size that her self-image required.

Williams told New York magazine she had been dissatisfied with her natural endowments - "a fatty A-cup":
"I want more. I want it bigger. I want it Wendy," Williams claimed.

Williams has admitted she paid $15,000 for the liposuction and breast implants and later returned for more, after she gave birth to her son: "After the baby and a hundred pounds, I needed a tummy tuck. So six months after the baby was born, I scheduled a tummy tuck, a little more liposuction on my thighs and I got my implants replaced. Implants should be replaced every ten years because the casing wears thin".

In an interview with xoJane, Williams revealed the pros and cons of her breast implants.

"I think that clothing complicates my body. Even in the most beautiful outfit I feel like, I have on too many clothes. First of all TV adds the weight. And TV bras are so thick, because nipples are offensive. Big breasts, they always want you to push them down to be a flat C. I wear a Playtex Target T-shirt bra. I don't like bras with lace and embellishments; then it looks like I'm stuffing like I'm in eighth grade. I like them to be thick and old ladyish and pointy. Well, I have breast implants so they stay good," Williams told.

"I'm open about it. But the downside of it is that for women who get it and think it's a one-time thing, you always have to have your money ready for your corrective surgery. Particularly with breast implants. It's like wheels on a tire. Even if your tire never pops and even if you never get a bubble, even if you have no reason to replace them, you should because the treads thin and when the treads thin you can get a blow-out. I'm trying to change my habits right now and start sleeping on my back, because if you wake up with a deflated breast, you now have to have the same $7,000 to replace them."

What do you think of Wendy Williams' breast implants?

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