Thursday, October 3, 2013

Iggy Azalea Quotes

1. No one can break me down. I know my worth and it's a beautiful thing.

2. People got a lot to say but don't know s.. about where I was made.

3. I never learned to fail, all I know is win.

4. I always thought that there was something in hip-hop culture that was the misfit of all the musical styles, where they didn't really belong. They're kind of like: "No, we're a real culture! We're not going anywhere, you can't get rid of us!" I really liked that there was a rebelliousness about it. I connected with that. Also, I liked the flashiness of it and the way everybody dressed - all the crazy chains and crazy style. Everything about it, I was interested.

5. Whenever my country has something bad happening I feel guilty for not being there. It's weird.

6. Really good things take time to grow. Foundation is not built over night.

7. People criticize you for trying new things. I think: "I'm new! I'm 22!" I don't know exactly what my sound is or what I want my album to sound like so I'm not releasing it yet. While I'm experimenting, I'll let you in on the journey and you can hear it for free.

8. Have you ever wished your life would change?

9. There was never anyone to beat up. I'm a pretty chill and easygoing person; most people in Australia are, as well. I don't think I ever really saw a lot of fights growing up. I think it's hard to get people in Australia angry and want to fight, minus one or two people in the media...but we won't say any names.

10. I got on a plane to Miami and I never looked back.

11. Do anything for my Mama, I love you. One day I'll pay you back for the sacrifice that you managed to muscle.

12. It hasn't been Australia in my head for a very long time. I've lived in America for almost eight years now. When I miss home, or I want to go home, I think of LA. 

13. It's so funny because my friends and me always say "Murda Business" now. My friend bought a pair of shoes, she text me a picture, and it said: "Murda Business". We say it how Tip says it, it's so funny. We just say it for everything now, like it's some kind of slogan or something.

14. Life's a trip and baby you the plane.

15. I think because I listened to so many American rap artists. I've been in America since I was 16 and all the people that really showed me how to rap were from the South and they were all American. People overlook this but if you look at Keith Urban, and other Australian country singers, they all sing in American country accents. 

16. Don't be salty for so long that it becomes a character flaw and part of your being.

17. All men are liars, you can only trust yourself.

18. Gonna need Sherlock Holmes to solve your mystery.

19. People I loved…Ludacris, UGK, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot. I really loved Tupac but he wasn't someone that I ever tried to mimic because I idolized him too much. He was too awesome to me. Method Man and Red Man I loved. Outkast…

20. Pledge allegiance to the struggle.

21. I like Americans.

22. I never said I'm from the hood and I have a gun. It's not the message I'm trying to say. Sometimes people take art too literally, like: "How can you have all those toddlers in the video?" Even so, would you not say the word "murder" around your children? It's not like they've never heard the word "murder" before. When we filmed, we played the clean version. If you look closely, you'll never see us mouth any of the bad words, it's always a shot of something else.

23. You're not on my level, you're not even close.

24. Your existence is sperm pollution. Be gone, lesser.

25. I'd known since about eleven that I wanted to live in America.

26. David LaChappelle is a really big inspiration to me. And Andy Warhol. People who make unconventional art which people don't necessarily understand. They are my absolute heroes.

27. Even when I'm gone, they gonna pay to see where I've been.

28. They build me up to break me down it builds me up again.

29. I was in this weird place where it felt like everyone was sh… on me, like: "She didn't get that deal with Interscope. She got dropped! She won't get another project!" making it so much worse then any of it really was. I felt like they wanted me to fail and I thought, I'm not going to go anywhere. I'm going to get my glory. I'm going to get my shine. So many people in the industry are like: "You can't really write records." It's to prove to myself that I can write songs. It's not easy to make a song that the whole world relates to, and to do it over and over again. When I got in the studio I realized this is really, really hard. It's easy to do whatever the hell you want to do but everybody can't connect to that. I was just trying to find a different way that I could do it with Glory. I don't know if it's successful but I did learn a lot about songwriting while I was doing it.

30. I speak to my Australian fans on Twitter and they're amazing but America is my home now. I have no friends in Australia, just a really small family, and of course I miss them but I don't need to go back and see them all the time.

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