Donatella Versace Before Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace proves that she can’t say "enough" to her plastic surgeon. Before and after photos of the fashion icon reveal dramatic changes on her face that could be reached only through a number of plastic surgeries. Instead of excessive Botox and other plastic surgery procedures Donatella appears unnaturally tanned!

Donatella's case is another case in which the real thing would have undeniably been better. Donatella has undergone so many cosmetic surgeries she is barely recognizable! Besides her awful tan, platinum blond hair, large wide cheek implants and oddly shaped lips, it’s her chest that undoubtedly gets the epic fail.

Her breasts are plump, round, hard and look utterly ridiculous with the rest of her sagging body parts. There comes a time you just have to accept gravity has taken over and be happy with what you’ve got. Getting boobs meant for a 20 year old will just make it worse.

Unfortunately, Donatella got overboard with her surgeries. Trying to delay the effects of age and improve her ordinary look, she has had multiple facelifts to the point where her skin seems way too tight and way too stretched. It won't be an exaggeration to claim that Donatella looks terrifying. 

It is more than obvious that Donatella had either some substance injected in her lips or had permanent implants. 

To conclude, Donatella is what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong. Too sad that she has spent a fortune to look like this... 

What do you think of Donatella Versace before plastic surgery?
Better or worse?

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  1. Once a woman starts, how does she know when to stop? I can spot a bad facelift job a mile away. It's so obvious most especially when you know the woman is 60 or 70 and there's not a wrinkle on her face and she's covered from her neck to her toes because the rest of her body is so badly wrinkled. These truly are the saddest women ever because they aren't ever happy. Their addictions make them so miserable.


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