Amber Smith Quotes

1. My first year in Hollywood was a virtual comedy of errors. I was told I was too tall, and too beautiful. I found myself being cast to play dead bodies and scantily clad bimbos."

2. I am a huge fan of lists (I actually make lists of the lists that I need to make).

3. We actually came out pretty flat-footed. Even though we had a lot of goals, they had a lot of mental breakdowns today. ... But we're glad to come out with a win.

4. Out of anybody, we look to always beat Sky View. They're our biggest opponent. They are a tough team and we know that they're tough.

5. They were excited to come out and they played really hard. 

6. We needed this win to get our spirit up. ... We were trying to get everybody to score today. Everybody was so unselfish, that's why we played so well.

7. Our forwards were able to outrun them easily. I think we just had a better attack than they did.

8. If anything, the reason why they scored that goal was a mental lapse. I feel like the girls, there were some bad calls and they just mentally were out of it for a few moments, and that's when they scored the goal.

9. If anything, what improved our game to score those goals were our quicker passes. Once we start passing quicker, we play more as a team.

10. She did a great job in goal, very confident. She saved some great shots.

11. Next time we play Bountiful it will be a different game.

12. I hope that they come back with more energy and more intensity for our next game. Our only focus now is to beat Roy.

13. If (my players) would have played how they played against Murray, I think we could have been unstoppable. ... But, I think Woods Cross is a great team.

14. I was definitely very proud of (my players) to see that they came out and didn't give up, and we were winning those 50-50 balls to the end. I was extremely proud of them.

15. Oh yeah, I am definitely looking forward to this trip. It is my first big spring break trip I have taken, and probably will take at Hastings College.

16. I know it is going to be crazy, I am not sure how crazy. I just hope it is safe and that we all come back and that we have had a good time.

17. They're not thinking about us ? all they are thinking about is the money. It's really annoying.

18. I can see why some parents would be upset, but it's really not that big of a deal.

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