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1. Even when I took the drugs I realized that this just wasn't fun anymore. The drugs had become a part of my routine. Something to wake me up. Something to help me sleep. Something to calm my nerves. There was a time when I was able to wake up, go to sleep, and have fun without a pill or a line to help me function. These days it felt like I might have a nervous breakdown if I didn't have them.

2. After all, mirrors are only as truthful as the eyes that are looking into them.

3. I enjoy being different.

4. Marie was always the cute twin, the popular twin. I was the quiet twin, the geeky twin. (about growing up with twin sister Marie Currie)

5. Just got home from another mixing day on my new record... IT'S SO F-ING FANTASTIC!!!! Never in my wildest DREAMS did I think is would be THIS AMAZING!! Thom Panunzio is mixing it. Yes, the legend and Matt Sorum has done an absolutely incredible job making this record! I'm SPEECHLESS! Thank you Kenny Laguna for getting Thom involved in what will be the greatest album I have ever participated in!! We are releasing the beginning of next year!!!

6. I've made a pact with my son not to post anything political or environmental anymore. I am a woman of my word. It has been enlightening and engaging though! On to music and art only. I'm going to ask my friends to do the same here. Love you!!

7. TORONTO ROCKS! Jake and I had the best time. Allison and the crew were stellar people! Wished we could have stayed longer!

8. Amazing what happens when you follow your heart.

9. I just wanna spend time with my family.

10. I think I just need a break... From the band.

11. I can't do this anymore. I need my life back.

12. Hey, Derek, did Marie tell you she's not wearing any underwear?

13. Yeah, I can sing. I won a talent show lip-syncing David Bowie.

14. Well, excuse me if I don't wanna work at the Pup 'n' Fry for the rest of my life.

15. Dad's bought a pull-out sleeper. Top of the line! Oh, come on. It's not as bad as it sounds.

16. Stop saying "we"! There's obviously no "we" here anymore! There's you. There hasn't been any "we" since you kicked dad out for leaving stupid water rings on the furniture!

17. I'm thinking with my cock.

18. Son of a bitch, it's just publicity. It helps everyone.

19. So, uh... Do I have to actually say all the things I want to say or do we still have the, you know - sister thing?

20. I'm not gonna be your little lap dog anymore. You've been speaking for me this whole time - you get in the f... booth! I'm done! (to Kim Fowley)

21. Hola mana! I'm... gonna need you to come pick me up. (intoxicated on the phone)

22. F... you, Kim. I'm losing my voice. I'm taking a break. (to Kim Fowley)

23. You can piss your f... pants for all I care! (to Lita Ford)

24. Oh, I'm dramatic? Says the actress. Places, everyone! Places! Places! (to her mother)

25. Outside the rain has stopped and the heavy clouds blow across the sky on their way to wherever clouds go to die. - Cherie Currie in Neon Angel (1989)

26. Everybody’s life has a soundtrack, you know. That’s the way I see it, anyway. You can hear your own soundtrack in your head, and you can see other people’s in the way they move, act, and talk-the things they like to do. - Cherie Currie in Neon Angel (1989)

27. It’s worse than the end of the world. The end of the world comes, crash-bang-boom, and it’s over, but this is going to last and last and last for the rest of our lives. - Cherie Currie in Neon Angel (1989)

28. That night I lay in bed, the tears frozen on my cheeks, with my headphones on, listening to my music. The guitars swirled and cascaded in my head. I knew that something fundamental had changed today, that nothing would ever be the same again. I felt so empty inside. Everything I knew had been taken away form me, everything that had seemed so solid, and real, and warm… I realized that there were no guarantees in this world. Who or what could I tryst in anymore? I turned the volume up, more and more, until the music was so loud and powerful that it battered against my ears and there was nothing to do but give myself up to it, surrender to it. I wanted the music to make this terrible, empty feeling go away. When I concentrated on the music hard enough, the fear and loneliness disappeared. I was in a place where there was nothing but the music. Just the pounding, glorious, primal beat of the drums, the dizzying roar of the electric guitar… (Cherie Currie, Neon Angel, A Memoir of a Runaway)

29. A rock guitarist having the opportunity to hang out with Jimmy Page was like a devout Catholic getting an audience with the pope - Cherie Currie in Neon Angel (1989)

30. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that something is not happening rather than deal with it in the cold light of day. I was learning to be very good at that. Sometimes I felt that there were too many painful things in this world, and if I thought about them all, my heart might break in two. - Cherie Currie in Neon Angel (1989)

31. I wanted to feel free and normal for once in my young adult life, and it made me proud to stand on my own two feet. That was what was most important to me, not what anybody else thought about it. To me, it was an adventure. An adventure in reality and humility.

32. It was all Tommy’s fault, I decided. It’s my agent’s fault for having a dumb party. It was the city’s fault for not lighting the street well enough. It was God’s fault for making a f... tree grow in such a stupid place. The cops seemed to think that it was our fault because we were driving while "doped up," as one of them put it. But what did they know? They were just stupid f... cops.

33. "The Live in Japan" album would go on to be one of our most successful and also the source of one of my strongest memories of my time in the band. It was when we were doing overdubs on the track "Come On." After we had listened to the playback, Lita turned to me and said: "Good Job, Cherie. Your vocals were really good on that. I liked it".

34. This might not seem like much, but the fact that Lita Ford had paid me any kind of compliment was kind of mind-blowing. Usually she just growled at me in the studio, like some kind of dangerous animal thinking about attacking. Other times she’d put on a Heart album, and when Ann Wilson started singing she’d scream: "Now why in the hell can’t you sing like that?"

35. Funny isn’t it? After all of the things that went on in the band, one of my strongest memories was such a small, quiet moment.

36. But I was no longer there. I was back in the numb cocoon of a dreamless, deathlike sleep. The phone silently slipped from my hand. These little moments of death were beginning to feel more and more like home.

37. Dangerous homes, where dangerous parties took place every night. Parties where nobody really knew or liked anyone else, but we all pretended we did. Parties where we talked a lot, but said very little.

38. Give up? When did I give up? I wanted to tell her that I didn’t give up. It wasn’t like that at all. I wanted to tell her that it wasn’t a matter of giving up. It was a matter of losing my footing. My life over the past few years felt like a slow slide down into the pitch darkness. A black, velvet-lined path that seemed comfortable enough until I found myself at the bottom, in a black, velvet-lined tomb. It was a comfortable enough tomb, if dying was all you had in mind.

39. Let them laugh. It’s not like it was me they were making fun of. It was the creature I’d created. The Cherie-thing. It hurts to be laughed at when people are laughing at you….But I could take it if those creeps laughed at the Cherie-thing I had created, because it wasn’t really me. The real Cherie, the one who gets afraid and embarrassed and hurt, was safely locked away. She was somewhere deep inside of me, in a place where nobody could hurt her. Now I was bigger than them. And I had already made a conscious decision not to be afraid of anybody any more.

40. When I think back on Joan and our relationship, I can still feel a distant quaking inside. Our friendship was a godsend to me. It ran deep, and at times she was the only one that kept me sane. Joan was perceptive. Almost like she could read my mind. God, how I needed that kind of connection. Especially when I felt so disconnected. I believed in her, and the dream that had driven her this far. I felt safe when I stayed close to her, like I’d be swept up in the safety net of her steadfast vision of what we were all here to do. Sometimes we’d look at each other and I’d get that tingling in my stomach. Her smile was warm and her fun-loving attitude made me forget just how strange and bizarre this new and crazy world really was. She was my anchor. (about Joan Jett)

41. "What about my family?" I pleaded. "I have to think about them! I've barely seen them in the past year…" (to Joan Jett)

42. Because Joan had recently turned eighteen, she was being treated even worse than us. She had been put into a real cell, the kind with bars. We could hear her screaming and crying and freaking the f... out. They locked her in there first, and as they led Sandy and me to our room, Joan literally leaped up on the bars like one of those crazed chimpanzees at the zoo and started rattling them frantically, screaming to be let out. The noise had been going on for forty minutes now, and my heart was aching for her. Her screams were primal, from the pit of her gut. She sounded tortured and scared. I knew that Joan could get claustrophobic, and being locked up in a tiny cell away from the rest of us must have been unbearable for her. We listened to Joan's sobs and screams echoing down the corridors. We decided to start banging on the door and yelling until someone, anyone, would help her. Suddenly the noise stopped. Sandy and I looked at each other. We heard footsteps approaching. Then a heavy clunk as the lock slid back and the steel door swung open. There, with tears on her cheeks and a look of triumph on her face, was Joan, flanked by two pissed-off-looking guards. (on Joan Jett)

43. I didn’t enjoy being drunk, but it was a means to an end. It meant that I felt less bad than before, and that was good enough for me.

44. There was a point when I realized that you could get away with just about anything so long as you do it with enough conviction.

45. Anything less than total world domination is not an option...

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