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On February 21, 2012 Mitt Romney's official Twitter account linked to his wife Ann's profile on the social network everyone is discussing: Pinterest.  

One of Ann Romney's first boards includes recipes of low-fat turkey burgers and a "Gluten-free desert pizza".

In detail, Ann Romney has got recipes for meals and snacks that seem uniformly disgusting. She's got a "patriotic" inspiration board, boasting a shot of a whimsical American bike. She's even got a "Crafts/DIY" section, where she pins things like this fantastic egg dyeing idea ("Smart idea!" exclaims Ann - and it is), also a family photo section where she posts private images of herself blatantly disregarding those very same craft/DIY ideas and books worth reading.

Though several of the 2012 hopefuls spouses have embraced social media, Mitt Romney is the first to promote his wife's Pinterest page.

Mitt Romney tweeted about his wife’s Pinterest page, shortly after Think Progress, the social media arm of the liberal Center for American Progress, published a Pinterest board of images of the upscale resorts and hotels mentioned in the candidate’s FEC reports.

The Think Progress board was the second Pinterest effort assembled to tease Mitt Romney.

Ann Romney currently has 14.011 followers and follows 31 people on Pinterest. Just in case you want to follow Ann Romney on Pinterest, here is the link:

It has to be mentioned that Pinterest is very popular with Mormons.

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