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Jared Leto, 40, is an American actor, director, producer and musician. Needless to say that he has stolen and broken the hearts of a number of women over the years. Wanna know who dated Jared? Let's examine Jared Leto's dating history below…  

Jared Leto was rumored to be dating American actress, director and screenwriter Soleil Moon Frye.

Jared Leto was rumored to be dating adult model and actress Nikki Nova.

Jared Leto was rumored to be dating Kristi McDaniel.

1999 - 2003
Things got pretty serious for Jared Leto and Cameron Diaz, who rang in the millennium together. They kept their romance very private, and rumor has it they went separate ways when Cameron's career really took off, and Jared wanted to focus on his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

April 2002
Jared Leto was rumored to be dating ex porn star Corina Taylor.

Jared Leto was supposedly began dating Britney Spears in an odd attempt at revenge given the fact that Leto was Cameron Diaz's ex and Diaz, at the time, was dating Justin Timberlake

2004 - 2005
Jared Leto had a fling with Scarlett Johansson. The two were spotted in LA together, but never chose to talk about their affair. Johansson and Leto, who is a notorious ladies man, dated on and off for about a year before the public appearances ended.

Jared Leto and Ashley Olsen got together briefly in 2005, and yet again in 2008. Despite the couple being caught holding hands and making out at the Art of Elysium Gala in LA, they insisted they were "just friends."

November 2005 - December 2005
Jared Leto was rumored to be dating Lindsay Lohan. The two were photographed several times appearing very cozy while shooting the movie "Chapter 27" together. Lohan has repeatedly denied the relationship, revealing to "Allure" magazine in 2007: "I never had a relationship with Jared. Swear to God, never did."

Jared Leto dated American model and actress Krista Ayne. The NY Post reported that Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2006 Krista Ayne claims she hit the sack with Leto after he asked her for her digits at an album signing event. In an interview, Ayne claimed: "Jared isn't bad in bed. I'd give him a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10."

September 2006
On early October 2006 was published that Sharon Stone has been spotted canoodling with Jared Leto. The two were seen flirting at the opening of new Los Angeles club Area.

Jared Leto had a fling with Paris Hilton. The two were caught kissing on camera in 2008 at the "Sundance Film Festival", but they never officially dated. Rumor has it they also hooked up back in 2001, though nothing has been confirmed.

September 2008
According to the site Guest of a Guest, Jared Leto has been spotted squiring Lydia Hearst around New York City. Jared has apparently been seeing Hearst between her New York Fashion Week commitments. Photographers caught them...

Jared Leto had a fling with a young stunner signed with Ford Models Lauren Hastings. The two were spotted getting cozy in Miami, but looks like it was just a temporary arrangement. 

January 2009
Jared Leto dated Jodie Starr. Jodie claimed she was once approached by Jared at the gym and didn't know who he was. The two dated for a few months, but Heidi called it quits when it became "just sex"- he'd never take her out or treat her with any real respect. Heidi added that Jared had one redeeming quality: his huge penis... 

March 2009
Jared Leto was rumored to be dating a rising young Australian star Isabel Lucas. The two were spotted shopping together in Los Angeles and looking very cute together. They announced to the press that they were "just friends," but many considered there might have been a bit more than friendship between the two.

June 2011
Jared Leto dated model Nina Senicar. The two were spotted getting drinks. The couple hit up Radetzky Cafe in Milan before going outside for what looked like a bit of fresh air. 

July 2011
According to Mail Online, on July 2011 Jared Leto took his model girlfriend Katharina Damm to St. Tropez. They were spotted taking a romantic stroll and sharing a kiss on a night out in Saint Tropez.

May 2012
According to a report by "In Touch" magazine, Jared Leto dated Adam Levine's ex, Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna.

May 2012
Jared Leto is rumored to be dating Russian model Anastasia Krivosheeva.

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