Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery

American actress and singer Lynda Carter (full name: Linda Jean Córdova Carter) is rumored to have had plastic surgery.

Carter, 61, best known for the 1970s television series "The New Original Wonder Woman" (1975–77) and "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman" (1977–79) has an amazing skin at her age. There are some people claiming though that Lynda's super power comes from plastic surgery.

At 61 many women experience severe sagging and wrinkles, especially around the face and neck, but Lynda maintains her youthful image as in the days running around in her superhero outfit. 

According to plastic surgeons, Lynda has likely had a facelift to keep her skin firm, but it was a well-done facelift as it didn't leave her looking tight and pulled.

Another common consequence of growing older is a loss of elasticity in eyelid, which gives them a sagging, droopy appearance. A blepharoplasty tightens up the appearance of the eyelid, which is likely how Lynda keeps her blues eyes as stunningly looking as ever. Most of all, Carter likely uses Botox injections to keep frown lines and wrinkles at bay.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell J Aston claimed: "Lynda Carter is super-beautiful woman. It is my opinion that she has had a facelift and blepharoplasty and possibly a little Botox for the frown creases but she is still a Wonder Woman."

Lynda may also use laser treatments, like Fraxel, to keep her skin young and glowing", but as Dr. Aston reveals: "There is no way to tell about laser treatments and peels because makeup hides it."

There is no doubt that Lynda Carter's gorgeous appearance launched her career and helped her become famous, but certainly some well-done plastic surgery helped her retain it. As Dr. Aston states: "There is nothing wrong with maintaining beauty when you have it."

The question is: "What Lynda Carter responds to plastic surgery rumors?" 

"No, I've not had plastic surgery, but I reserve the right," Carter is quoted as saying, adding that she's "terrified of looking weird. I look at people and wonder: "Why did she do that to herself?" They look monstrous. It doesn't seem to matter how much money they paid for it."

On the media's attention to her popular face, Carter explains that "it's easier to dismiss someone who looks good for their age if they've had plastic surgery," and adds that she doesn't know if that's necessarily a bad thing, just a fact.

What do you think? Did Lynda Carter have plastic surgery?

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  1. this is absurd! Lynda has NOT had any work done! she is just one of the few that remains FORE-EVER beautiful!


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