Leona Lewis Nose Job

British singer and songwriter Leona Lewis is rumored to have had a nose job to improve her appearance.

When Leona, 28, appeared on Saturday's ITV show at London's Wembley Arena to perform her single "Hurt" in 2011, it was not her singing everyone was chatting about.

The former X Factor winner Steve Brookstein, 44, tweeted: "Once people stopped looking at Leona Lewis' new nose she sent Wembley to sleep."

ReallyRee was quoted as saying: "Still feeling rather impressed by Leona Lewis' nose job. It's good work!"

Kazzikat wrote: "Seems Leona Lewis's new nose is making her trend in Ireland, and very nice it is too."

On the other hand, Leona denied the nose job rumor. Her spokesman claimed bluntly: "Leona has not had a nose job."

Judging by the before and after photos, Leona's old nose was larger and wider on the nostril bridge while now it appears slimmer and thinner in shape. The tip of her nose seems narrowed and sharper with a well refined bridge that suits on her face.

Plastic surgeon Dr Barbara Lutz told The Sun: "It appears Leona has had the bridge and tip of her nose." 

Leona's spokesman insisted: "Suggestions she has had cosmetic surgery are total rubbish."

Conclusion: Leona Lewis's nose job was done very gracefully and subtly as her face now seems well-balanced and natural. Her plastic surgeon obviously knows that moderation is the key. 

What do you think of Leona Lewis' nose job?

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