Michaela Romanini Before Surgery

Famous Italian socialite Michaela Romanini, similar to Paris Hilton in the United States, has reportedly had extensive plastic surgery - especially on her lips.

Beginning at a young age, Romanini, now 42, experimented with plastic surgery

As you can notice from the before and after photos, her favorite procedure was lip collagen injections, which unfortunately went wrong

It is hard to beleive that Romanini was such a beautiful woman before making the bad decision to succumb to plastic surgery.  Now she looks bizarre and barely recognizable.

Apart from her lip injections, Romanini has also used botox. She doesn't have wrinkles on her face but how can all the wrinkles gather on her neck?

Conclusion: Michaela Romanini went overboard with plastic surgery turning herself into a cartoon character of her former self. Once a beautiful woman, almost identical with Dannii Minogue and Megan Fox, she now looks like another lip collagen abuser: Donatella Versace !

What do you think of Michaela Romanini's transformation?

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