Rihanna Boob Job

Barbadian recording artist, actress and fashion designer Rihanna (full name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty) is rumored to have had a boob job to increase the size of her breasts.

Judging by the before and after pictures, we can't help but notice that Rihanna's boobs have changed a bit: her old boobs were smaller while now appear fuller, bigger and rounder, going from an A cup to a B cup. 

In 2010, it was rumored that Rihanna has gotten a boob job, with silicone implants from makers Mentor or Natrelle.

There were rumors though that when Rihanna was back together with Chris Brown, Chris demanded she should get a boob job, "because he likes big boobs."

According to the "report," Chris wanted a bigger breast because "he thinks she'd look hotter".

An "insider" revealed to the National Enquirer: "It's horrifying seeing how much control Chris still has over her. It's like she's hypnotized. Rihanna's always been insecure about her cleav­age," adding: "But Chris's comment has spurred her on to really do something about it. Rihanna can't help herself. What she really wants is something she can't have - a commit­ted relationship with Chris."

There were rumors flying around when Rihanna herself posted a photo on Instagram, which made her fans wonder if she has gotten a boob job.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer was quoted as saying: "Rihanna's breasts have a very natural looking shape and size for her frame. I do not believe she has breast implants."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer explained: "Rihanna has relatively small breasts that fit her body type and seem completely natural looking. If she did have breast augmentation, she most likely received silicone implants and were placed under the muscle to achieve such a natural look."

We should take into consideration though Rihanna's fluctuating weight and the use of push-up bras.

Rihanna hasn't confirmed any kind of plastic surgery procedure, saying that she consider getting a boob job when she is older and they begin to sag. "If my breasts started to drop, I might not like that. But for the next 20-25 years I'm going to stay as natural as possible," Rihanna was quoted as saying.

Conclusion: Rihanna's boob job looks natural and fits her frame very well.

What do you think? Did Rihanna have a boob job?

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