Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How a karaoke singer for 27 years feels about recording her first cd at 87!!!

Karaoke queen Rose Strickland has been belting out tunes in pubs up to six times a week for the last 27 years — racking up nearly 10,000 performances.


And now the mum-of-five, who claims she can sing higher notes than Susan Boyle, hitting top C with her soprano voice, has finally released a disc of her favourite tracks.

Known as the undisputed karaoke queen of Telford, Shrops, Rose has recorded 14 covers from artists including Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston on her CD, Rose Sings.  
She said of recording her album: "I only stopped once for a cup of tea. It was the most wonderful experience and I wasn't nervous at all. I even started to dance at my own singing.
"They said I was fantastic. I can reach higher notes than Susan Boyle. I was always told I was a lyric soprano but the lads at the studios said you are a soprano, you're great. 

"Two of the songs haven't got any music, they're just me singing away." 

Former kitchen assistant and cleaner Rose — who has been married twice and lost second husband Bill just a few months ago — has previously tried to wow Simon Cowell and the judges on Britain's Got Talent.
But she was left disappointed after failing to get the nod to go in front of the cameras. 

Rose said: "Maybe it was something to do with my age. But I am going to do it again with another song which more people may prefer to hear." 

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