Thursday, December 15, 2011

Madonna's Setlist For Super Bowl Revealed!!!

According to rehearsals for the Super Bowl performance have started this week and that the following songs are currently being considered for the 15-minute performance:

    Gimme All Your Lovin (with Guests)
    Ray of Light

Any rumour about ‘Get Together’ or a medley being performed are not true.

Through the Smirnoff deal it was confirmed that Madonna will hit the road again next year. 
“…Rehearsals for the Tour are provisionally due to commence in the first quarter of 2012 and the Tour is provisionally scheduled to run throughout 2012 and possibly beyond.”
Say Madonna performs 9 songs off the new album on tour, and that she performs 24 songs all together. Which 15 ‘old’ songs would you pick?
These are mine: Impressive Instant, Cherish, Give It 2 Me, Justify My Love, Physical Attraction, Open Your Heart, Nothing Really Matters, Express Yourself, I’ll Remember, The Power of Good-Bye, Who’s That Girl, Vogue, Hung Up, Celebration, Holiday.

What do you think of the songs that Madonna will perform for Super Bowl??

Would you want to sing some other songs?? 

Feel free to comment.
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