Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Is The Famous Pop Singer That She Is Obsessed With Beards???

Kesha is OBSESSED with beards! It's hard to beleive( I know ) but it's absolutely true!!!

She even went to a NYC beard competition to scope out all the men exciting her glitter.

She also took some pictures of her own for her new website — !!! 

So, Ke$ha has a new website.

It's called . 
So, Ke$ha  now has taken it to the next level and her goal is  to find the sickest beard in all the world to put in her mouth!!! In other words, she's inviting anyone with a beard to submit a picture.

If you face follicles tickle her fancy, she'll post your picture on the page and later fantasize about, yes, putting your beard in her mouth.

So if you guys have a beard - a long, luxurious, flowing beard -  may have you found your soulmate!!!

What do you think of Kesha's obsession with beards??

A trick maybe to attract attention or she actually has
a "beard mania"??
Feel free to comment.

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