Wednesday, February 1, 2012

John Stamos Advertises Greek Product On Super Bowl !!!

The Dannon Super Bowl 2012 Ad will be the first Super Bowl ad for the Dannon Group and also the first Yogurt Super Bowl commercial in history.

Dannon announced their Super Bowl Ad debut back in December, but didn't reveal much then. Now Dannon unveiled the details about the Dannon Super Bowl 2012 Ad.

The Dannon Super Bowl Ad has hired actors like Jessica Blackmore and John Stamos. Jessica Black is a beautiful young actress, while John Stamos is a very popular actor and a ladies' favorite.

The full Dannon Super Bowl 2012 Ad has been released. 

The Dannon Super Bowl 2012 commercial is going to promote a new product. The "Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt"is a creamy-thick yogurt made from an authentic Greek recipe.

The Dannon Oikos advertisement will run during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI and will also be released on the Dannon Oikos Facebook and YouTube pages as part of a fully-integrated marketing campaign.

"Greek yogurt now accounts for more than one quarter of the entire U.S. yogurt market. Americans continue to crave Greek yogurt and demand continues to grow as we see a shift in the way that Americans enjoy yogurt. We make what is possibly the best tasting yogurt in the world with Dannon Oikos and now is the perfect time to highlight this delicious and nutritious snack in our Super Bowl ad," said Sergio Fuster, Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Dannon Company.

"We are preparing some very memorable advertising that emphasizes just how good it is, and we've invested in production capacity to meet anticipated increased demand."

John Stamos is already appearing in an Dannon Oikos TV ad. You can watch that below. Feel free to comment & share this blog post if you like it!

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