Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is Mel Brooks Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder if Mel Brooks is Jewish, the truth is that Brooks (real name: Melvin James Kaminsky) is Jewish.

In detail, Brooks, 86, was born Melvin James Kaminsky in Brooklyn, New York, a son of James Kaminsky and his wife Kate. His father's family were German Jews from the Baltic Sea port of Danzig (the modern Polish port of Gdansk); his mother's family were Ukrainian Jews from Kiev. 

He had three older brothers, Irving, Lenny, and Bernie. His father died of kidney disease, at 34, when Brooks was two years old. Brooks has stated of his dad's death, that "there's an outrage there. I may be angry at God, or at the world, for that. And I'm sure a lot of my comedy is based on anger and hostility. Growing up in Williamsburg, I learned to clothe it in comedy to spare myself problems - like a punch in the face. "

Conclusion: Mel Brooks is 100% Jewish.

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