Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jane Seymour Gerber Baby

Just in case you wonder if Jane Seymour, 62, is the original Gerber Baby, the answer is "no".  
Seymour has appeared with her twin sons, John and Christopher, in a series of Gerber commercials in 2000 but she was never the Gerber Baby.

Needless to say that there were many speculations over the years about the identity of the Gerber Baby. Guesses ranged from movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Senator Bob Dole. 

According to the website Food Timeline, artist Dorothy Hope Smith submitted the original Gerber baby drawing for a contest the company ran in the late 1920s (1928). The model was Ann Turner, now Ann Turner Cook.

Mrs Cook, now 86, is a mystery novelist and retired English teacher, who lives in Tampa, Florida.

The artist Dorothy Hope Smith was a family friend and neighbor. Smith asked her mother if she could use Ann as a model. 

Mrs Cook feels very proud of representing the Gerber brand for more than 80 years. "It's been wonderful to me to be the symbol for babies and I've become a symbol worldwide for babies. I can always be very proud of the product."

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