Monday, September 8, 2014

Sarah Paulson Quotes

1. All my friends went to the Madonna concert when I was in, maybe, the 9th grade, and my mother refused to let me go.

2. (on being directed by Steve McQueen) The main thing that we would talk about was a carriage, a posture, and (Mary Epp's) own sort of loftiness, her ideas about herself. He gave me an image which was very helpful - to be a figurine or doll on top of a cake. It was a very good note to give me, because then every time I walked out, the thing that was most important to me was that I had a kind of statuesque stillness. I was unfussy and immovable. Those little statues that you pick up and stick somewhere. They just stand. They never lean.

3. I think it's very important for people to not judge the people you're playing. You have to find a way to love them because their story is theirs. I just don't think there would be any use in that.

4. I love the idea of people walking away with the idea of hope and possibility.

5. (on developing the role of Mary Epps) I was never afraid of the question of whether she could be liked, because I feel - as an actress - it's none of my business whether you like me or not. It's my job to play this character as authentically and truthfully and with as much commitment as possible - no matter how horrible she is perceived and how deplorable her actions are - and they are. I had to find a way into that. She behaves deplorably and does terrible, terrible, unspeakable things but in her mind they are defensible…It s my belief that Mrs Epps is not a particularly deep or complicated woman. I am not saying this as an excuse for her behavior or defending her behavior. I'm just saying from an acting standpoint, it's not interesting for me nor is it possible that a person just walks around doing such things horrible things without motivation.

6. If you heard me sing, you would just plug your ears and run, screaming, the other way. I promise.

7. I'm interested in telling the character's story, not my beliefs, political or otherwise.

8. The thing I worry about for myself is I spend a lot of time alone, and another person comes around and you're like: "What are you doing here? Get out of here."

9. My sister's a big karaoke person, and she's never been able to get me to do it.

10. Sometimes I think on television, you use maybe a tenth of what you are able to do. So it's nice to go, "Well, I'm gonna take two months and reinvest in acting and storytelling." You don't get to do that on television.

11. I've never been on a show that's run for more than a season.

12. I've only been to one concert in my life.

13. No, I'm not a Republican working in Hollywood, I am a Democrat.

14. I usually feel like the role comes to you to sort of illuminate some piece of where you are in your life. I feel like I myself am a single woman and I'm childless - by choice - at this point, and I don't know what will happen.

15. (on "12 Years a Slave") What surprises me, I guess, is how powerful it is. Because I read the script, I knew about all the moments that were there - the scene where he is hanging, and all that whipping, all of these things that I could read on the page. But what I think is so great and powerful about the movie is that when you put a real image to it, connect it to a person that you have connected with as the audience, it becomes personal. It takes it to a whole other level of comprehension. That's why I think it is so effective.

16. I like to work and I like to work with great actors and great directors and great material - and there isn't a ton of it. It's not overflowing. My cup doesn't runneth over in opportunity that way. To me, this was the opportunity to act something that was so opposite of who I am as a person. Someone quite famous whose name I won't mention told me: "I can't believe you did that part. I couldn't have done that. She was too horrible. I could never have done it". But it would never occur to me to not take a part because something would be hard or complicated or tough for an audience to watch.

17. The idea of being on a show where each season stands alone, and you can come back the next year and show an entirely different aspect of your personality or your talent or your anything is an enormous gift that you rarely get in television.

18. I was constantly, always and forever, trying to perform the musical "Annie" for anyone who would listen, and I have a terrible singing voice. It was the first thing that made me think I wanted to be an actress.

19. To not have any hope is where things start to get really bleak. Things are possible. The impossible can be possible.

20. I work in the '60s more than I've done anything else. I did a movie, called "Down with Love", in the '60s. I did a movie for HBO about the Johnson administration in the '60s.

21. I am a person who is not mated.

22. To me, most of life kind of lives in the grey and I don't just mean morally. I just mean kind of everything. If things were black and white it would be a lot clearer as to what to do all the time.

23. I had gone away from twitter because before people had been so mean to me. Talking about my lips and my enormous forehead and all these things. I do have lips, I do have a forehead I know you could land a plane on, it's no mystery to me. I just didn't have the skin for it.

24. It's OK to sit in the Golden Globe room and look around and think: "Oh, Helen Mirren's a loser tonight, so is Nicole Kidman. Meryl Streep lost tonight. Jessica Lange didn't win." If you're gonna be in the company of losers, that's the company to be in.

25. I'd love to be in the '70s. I'd love to have a big, long wig parted down the middle with flat-ironed hair and bell-bottoms. They're actually very flattering for my figure. The wider the leg, the better for a person with a booty.

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