Oprah Winfrey And Michelle Obama Exchange Insults, New Book Reveals !

Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama have clashed repeatedly behind the scenes, an unseen war that has dramatically played out before and during Barack Obama's presidency, according to a new book filled with blockbuster allegations.

The book is titled "The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House". It is written by former "New York Times Magazine" editor Ed Klein, who charges that a highly distrustful Michelle accused Oprah of wanting to use the "White House" to pump up her TV ratings and that both women have traded insults about each other with close associates.

Michelle Obama allegedly insulted Oprah's weight at one point, with Oprah claiming that the First Lady "hates fat people."The book, due out this week, is excerpted in "Sunday's New York Post".

When Obama gained Oprah's endorsement for the 2008 presidential election, the legendary talk show host enjoyed a close relationship with both the future president and his wife. But once the election was over, the author claims that Michelle and her staff rudely pushed Oprah aside, while the president remained close to the talk show queen.

In one particularly outrageous allegation, Klein writes that Michelle rejected Oprah's invitation to make an appearance on her TV show to talk about childhood obesity, one of many causes adopted by the First Lady.

The book claims that Oprah then raged: "Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House!"
Klein, a regular contributor to "Vanity Fair", follows that allegation with another bombshell, writing that Michelle told her staff: "Oprah, with her yo-yo dieting and huge girth, is a terrible role model. Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s OK to be fat."

One unnamed source in Klein's book even charges that Michelle believes Oprah allegedly encouraged Hillary Clinton to run against President Obama in the upcoming election.

Klein and his sources contend that the President has remained close to Oprah but that Michelle began pushing her away shortly after the 2008 election, refusing to return calls and instead letting aides deal with Oprah.

In addition, as Oprah prepared to interview Michelle at that time, she was forced to get approval of her interview questions from Jeff Stephens.

The book also contends that two of Michelle's advisers were unhappy with Oprah's influence and that the talk show host was so comfortable with her access to the President, she had a plan to redecorate the Lincoln bedroom!

The author quotes sources close to Oprah claiming that Michelle is "very jealous" and lacks trust in her husband.

These sources also contend that the president phones Oprah late at night and asks for advice to improve his popularity, a move that does not sit well with the First Lady.

"Michelle thinks he should turn to her, not Oprah, for that kind of advice," the book quotes an anonymous source.

The President asked his wife to make peace with Oprah, sources reveal to the author, and that is why Michelle taped a May, 2011 interview for one of Oprah's final shows.

That peace offering has done nothing to stem the now-ingrained dislike that both women have for each other, according to Klein.

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  1. What a shame it is when women can't embrace each other which would have been a good thing for Michele. Oprah is so loved by women all over the world. There is a reason she is loved, she is a good, honest, trustworthy person. I would not want my husband making late night calls to her that often, but if her husband was making the calls, not Oprah ,Michele should have been mad at her husband not Oprah. I could understand why the President would think that, Oprah would be the person to go to for that advice though. She wasn't on a successful tv show for 25 years for not knowing how to appeal to women. If I was secure in my marriage I would welcome that kind of advice for my husband. Oprah isn't the only one Michele is jealous about, Obama recently said on The View that Michele gets jealous if Obama sings in public because it should only be done for her. What I think is really sad here is that Oprah went the extra 150 miles with her time and money to endorse Obama. I believe she was largely responsible for him getting elected and then was snubbed by Michele once they got into the White House. I don't think she got any special treatment not even for one dinner party.I think Michele was ungrateful to Oprah for all she did for them to get to the White House and that is a shame. Oprah should have been given or at least been invited to many VIP dinners at the White House. I know she and Gail interviewed Michele at the White House for Oprah's magazine . During that interview Michele barely gave eye contact to Oprah instead answered questions but only looked at Gail. It was embarrassing to watch as a viewer , so it must have been uncomfortable for Oprah. Oprah didn't deserve that. What comes around goes around and Michele will realize that she was wrong to have treated Oprah so badly. Oprah's motives were good motives for the country and the Obamas. She was excited to help the first American of African descent get elected. It is to her credit helping break down barriers that most people especially black people never thought possible. I believe that Oprah will go down in the history books just as Obama in being a part of helping the first African American get elected as President of the United States. Oprah should feel proud that she did that she helped that happen and because of that America was changed for a truly united America forever. Alll people now can believe in our Constitution, liberty, equality and finally justice for all. Black people can hold their head a lot higher now and can dream bigger dreams. While Obama holds the office, it is not Obama that is responsible totally for giving that dream to the African American people of this country . It is the Africian American people that paved the way for him, like Colin Powell and Oprah and all the people at the grass roots level that put Obama on the map. He was virtually unknown in the United States. As a Senator prior to running for President he did not have much of a voting record, so he was considered a Junior Senator. Unfortunately the American people took a big chance on this man, black or not black and it has turned out to be quite a disaster having him as president maybe even worse than Jimmy Carter. But none the less it changed American for the minorities in this country for the better. I believe it would be a mistake to elect Obama again, because he has not kept his promises and the country is in worse shape now, but I would vote for an African American again, if he was the best candidate.


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