Tyra Banks Nose Job

American actress, author, television personality and former model Tyra Banks (full name: Tyra Lynne Banks) is rumored to have had a nose job early in her modeling career to improve her image.

Judging by the before and after pictures, it is quite apparent that there is a significant difference in her nose shape. Tyra's old nose was round, bigger and more flat with a wider bridge and bulbous tip. Her current nose is thinner, much narrower and defined along the bridge and noticeably less rounded and bulbous at the tip.

It has to be noted that there are many celebrity watchers who insist that Tyra had multiple nose jobs over the years to achieve her current nose size and shape. 

Banks, 39, has never discussed the nose job rumors and even stated that she is absolutely against plastic surgery. In her "161" People magazine interview, Tyra was quoted as saying: "I am totally against plastic surgery. A lot of people think I have breast implants because I have the biggest boobs in the business."

On the other hand, when she was asked by Larry King if she is afraid of plastic surgery, Tyra replied: "No, I'm not afraid of plastic surgery and I'm not against it…I feel like everybody should make a choice and, you know, if they want to do that, that's fine. I'm so not against it.

Banks revealed to talk show host Piers Morgan, responding to his question whether she would be willing to have a little "nip and tuck," that she finally expects to go under the plastic surgeon's knife. "Oh definitely," Tyra stated.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Tyra Banks' nose job?"

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia explained: "Tyra has probably had a rhinoplasty and lip augmentation looking at her older image."

Dr. Jennifer Walden agrees, stating: "Tyra Banks looks as if she has had a well-done rhinoplasty in the past which served to narrow the bridge of her nose."

Dr. Aston revealed: "Tyra Banks has obviously had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The nasal correction is a nice change from her earlier rather wide nose. The surgeon did a good job in balancing her unique ethnic look and improving her features. She has a very harmonious, soft look that has made her quite successful. She may have had a little Botox between the eyes and on the forehead. She is beautiful and does not need plastic surgery now."

Dr. Nassif was quoted as saying: "Tyra has definitely had a rhinoplasty in the past. She may also have had some Botox in her forehead."

Dr. Shafer claimed: "Tyra Banks does not need plastic surgery. She looks great! Whatever it is she does, she should keep on doing it."

Conclusion: It is clear that Tyra Banks has taken the right approach concerning plastic surgery. Her plastic surgeon did a great job as he managed to keep the unique look of her nose.

What do you think of Tyra Banks' nose job?

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