Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sofia Vergara Teeth

Sofia Vergara is undeniably a very attractive woman and talented actress. She continuously catches our attention and her appearances on the red carpet are always noticed and discussed.  

One of Sofia Vergara's best features are her white teeth. She has the perfect Hollywood smile: teeth rounded just right and line up perfectly. The interesting thing is - unlike many other celebrities - hers aren't too big or too small. They're just the right manageable size!

Just in case you wonder how Vergara has such a bright smile, certainly that has to do with the fact that Vergara studied  pre-dentistry at the University of Colombia for three years and she's "obsessed" with good oral hygiene.

According to Vergara was almost a dentist. "I had to do two more semesters" (of school), Vergara explains, adding that she quit dental school to become a TV host. Still, her dental hygiene remains impeccable. "I'm obsessed," Vergara reveals. "My son thinks I'm crazy because I make him do a cleaning every three months. I try to bribe the dentist to make him to do it sooner!" 

If you want to know how to get Sofia Vergara's teeth without going to the dentist, check out below a few tips...

1. Avoid eating
carbohydrate-rich foods:

Most people snack on carbohydrate-rich foods, like chips, which are especially bad for your teeth. All carbohydrates eventually break down into simple sugars, which are converted by the bacteria in your mouth into plaque which is the primary trigger of gum disease and cavities. According to the dentists, the biggest plaque culprit are bananas: their "chewy, adhesive texture" makes it easier for them to get caught between teeth or under the gum line, where bacteria can accumulate.

2. Avoid coffee, tea, soda and red wine as they leave stains to your teeth.

3. Avoid mustard, ketchup, soy sauce because they have high levels of acid and can leave stains to your teeth.

4. Buy a mouth wear:

If you are too anxious and you clench your jaw at night, you damage your teeth because the force generated by this habit can be really destructive.

5. Avoid taking diet pills:

Some diet pills contain chemicals that cause a decreased salivary flow, which results in a higher risk of tooth decay and oral problems.

What do you think of Sofia Vergara's teeth? Perfect eh?

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