Is Barbara Walters Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder: "Is Barbara Walters Jewish?", the truth is that Walters is Jewish.

To be more specific, American journalist Barbara Walters (full name: Barbara Jill Walters) was born in 1929 in Boston to Dena and Louis "Lou" Walters. Her parents were both Jewish and descendants of refugees from the former Russian Empire, now Eastern Europe.

It has to be noted that daddy Lou and mommy Dena were both Jewish at the start. However, Barbara Walters' dad later turned to Atheism. The result was Walters was raised with no religion in her home, but she still remains Jewish.

When Barbara Walters was asked by the website "Jew or Not Jew" about her Jewish roots, she replied: "Well, my parents were Jewish, but my father left the religion and became an atheist. We never celebrated the holidays, never went to a Passover seder".

As if she considers herself a Jew, Barbara was quoted as saying: "I do".

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