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Melanie Griffith, 55, is an American actress,  best known  for her performance in the 1988 film "Working Girl". Wanna know who dated Melanie? Let us examine Melanie Griffith's dating history below...  

unknown date
Melanie Griffith was rumored to be dating Ryan O'Neal.

unknown date 
Melanie Griffith was rumored to have had a sexual encounter with Tatum O'Neal while they were high on opium. In fact, Tatum O'Neal has alleged in her 2004 autobiography that around that time, she (then 12) and Griffith (then 18) had a sexual encounter in a Paris hotel room while high on opium and hashish.

1981 - 1987
Melanie Griffith was married to Steven Bauer, her co-star in the TV film "She's in the Army Now". They had a son, Alexander, in 1985, but divorced in 1987. Griffith later admitted to having problems with cocaine and liquor after her divorce from Bauer. Griffith was quoted as saying: "What I did was drink myself to sleep at night. If I wasn't with someone, I was an unhappy girl."

Melanie Griffith was rumored to be dating Warren Beatty. Warren is the godfather of Melanie's son.

1988 - 1995
Melanie Griffith dated Don Johnson. At age 14, Griffith began dating 22-year old actor Don Johnson who co-starred with her mother in the 1973 film "The Harrad Experiment", in which Griffith was an extra. Griffith was 18 years old when she married him in Las Vegas in January 1976. However, they divorced six months later. Griffith checked into rehab in 1988. After becoming sober, she reunited with Johnson and remarried him in June 1989 when she was already five months pregnant. Their daughter, Dakota Johnson, was born on October 4, 1989. They went their separate ways in March 1994, reconciled later that year, but separated again in May 1995.

May 1996 - Present
Melanie Griffith is married to Antonio Banderas. The two have been married since 1996, after they met on the set of "Two Much." At that time, Banderas was married to Ana Leza. After their respective divorces were finalized, the couple married on May 14, 1996. Their daughter Stella was born the same year. In 2000, Griffith had Banderas' first name tattooed on her right shoulder.

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