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Steve Martin (full name: Stephen Glenn "Steve" Martin) is an American actor, comedian, musician, author, playwright and producer. Wanna know who dated Steve? Check out Steve Martin's dating history below...

unknown date
Steve Martin was rumored to be dating Maureen McCormick.

unknown date
Steve Martin dated Kristin Davis.

unknown date
Steve Martin dated Linda Ronstadt. The two dated while Martin was doing stand-up.

Steve Martin dated Linda Rasmussen.

1979 - 1982
Steve Martin dated actress and singer Bernadette Peters, his costar in the films "The Jerk" and "Pennies from Heaven".

1986 - 1994
Steve Martin dated actress Victoria Tennant. They married on November 20, 1986, and the union lasted until their divorce in 1994. 

Steve Martin dated Jane Adams.

1995 - 1997
Steve Martin dated Anne Heche.

2000 - 2001
Steve Martin dated Helena Bonham Carter. Before Tim Burton, Helena had a brief affair with Steve Martin. In fact, the two had an on-set romance when she was his patient on the set of their dental flick "Novocaine".

28 July 2007 - present
Steve Martin dated writer and former staffer for The New Yorker magazine Anne Stringfield. The two tied the knot and have one child. They became parents in December 2012. On February 12, 2013 it was announced that Martin and his wife welcomed their first child together.

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