Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lady Gaga's Diva Demands Led Her To Being Sued!

Lady Gaga's former personal assistant is taking off her poker face. Jennifer O'Neill worked for Mother Monster for thirteen months, and is now suing her former boss for $380,000 in unpaid overtime and unspecified damages relating to abuse she experienced while on the job, reports the New York Post.

Some of Gaga's diva habits? Making sure her assistant was available at the drop of a hat, no matter where she was, at the pop star's New York duplex or in “stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses.”

There were no breaks for meals “or, at times, even sleep,” and O’Neill was required to be on hand for anything the Grammy Award-winning singer needed, at her “earliest waking hour” or for “spontaneous, random matters in the middle of the night,” O’Neill says in court papers.

Another part of O’Neill’s job was “ensuring the availability of chosen outfits," which sounds like a full-time job in itself considering Gaga's complex wardrobe.
Still, call us crazy but none of this sounds outrageous for a celebrity assistant earning $75,000 a year — especially if you consider what O'Neill's precedessor Angela Ciemny had to put up with when she worked for Gaga in 2009.


Ciemny was required to sleep with Gaga most nights because the needy diva refused to be alone, according to the book Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga. Ciemny also said she and the “Born This Way” singer sometimes did their makeup together and would even hop in the shower at the same time.
According to O' Neill, Mother Monster seems very lonely in real life. She doesn't rest so much and she doesn't know when to stop. In my opinion, it is great to be dedicated to your fans but not put in danger your health ( both physical & mental! ). Ambition has its limits! Hope she finds peace and enjoys her real life more!
 What do you think?? Would you like it if you had a boss that didn't provide you meals and didn't let you to get some sleep??Or even worse forced you to sleep together because she/he feels lonely?? Sounds crazy eh? 

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