Beyonce Plastic Surgery

 Beyonce Knowles looks a bit different if we compare older pictures with more recent ones.

BeyoncĂ© Giselle Knowles has been rumored to have had a nose job.  Her nose before used to look bigger and thicker, now the bridge as the tip look more defined suggesting a nose job or rhinoplasty.

This change looks great on her because she looks completely natural and not with an excess of plastic surgery

Did you know that narrowing a bulbous nose can balance face features and dramatically enhance facial harmony? Bulbous nose tip is refined by removing the excess lower lateral nasal cartilages and/or narrowing the distance between them.

As all other manipulations on the nose this can and should be done with closed rhinoplasty. In the past, plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn has said, “It does appear that her nose has been thinned to look more elegant.
Also her lips look thinner than before and many people think that she got some lip reduction, but we should keep in mind that both (nose and lips) can be changed to make them look more defined or thinner with make up. 
There is speculation that she got a breast augmentation , because her breast size is definitely bigger now than it was before. We have to take into consideration though that she also gained weight and we have to admit that her breasts do look natural sometimes. Of course if she wears a push up bra her breast are going to look more round but in more regular clothes ("regular" for her) her breasts looks like natural breasts would look.

Liposuction may have been used to reduce her butt size, stomach and thighs, but while she is curvy and bootylicious, she is fit.

Anyway, Beyonce is absolutely gorgeous in every appearance!


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