Rihanna Tattoos !

  Rihanna, apart from her successful music career, what makes her the talk of the town is her love for tattoos. Rihanna Tattoos are very unique. Rihanna has a discrete taste for tattoos and she knows where to place her tattoos to get the maximum attention.

As you may know Rihanna has already inked 14 tattoos allocated from head to toe or more specifically from her neck to foot. Check out Rihanna’s 14 Tattoos with their interesting meaning !

Left Ear

Rihanna has a "Star" in her left ear.

Right Ear

Rihanna has a "Pisces Sign" behind right ear although you need eagle eyes to see it as its hidden behind her hair most of the time.


The script reads "rebelle fleur" which means rebellious flower in french.


"Never a failure, always a lesson" motto in mirror writing 

Left Shoulder

This date in roman numerals on her shoulder "XI-IV-LXXXVI" is her love for her assistant Melissa Forde’s birthday date. Melissa has also donned a similar tattoo with Rihanna’s birthday date on her body.


"A Trail of Stars" going down from neck to her back looks so beautiful and elegant.

Right Ribcage Area

She has an Arabic phase which means "Freedom Is God"

Left Ribcage Area

"A Handgun" tattoo is what Rihanna flaunts on her ribs.

Left Middle Finger

Rihanna has got a charming way to show anyone her middle finger and no body would get her wrong as she has mentioned the Word "love" On her middle finger.

Right Index Finger

The Phrase "Shhh…" is a unique way to ask someone to keep quiet.

Right Hand

Rihanna has got inked a "Henna-Style Dragon Claw" on her right hand.

Hip Area

Rihanna has also got a sanskrit prayer asking for "Forgiveness, Truth, repression, Calmness" in the form of an Tattoo on her hip area.

Above Ankle Area

Rihanna has also got an tattoo placed slightly above her ankle. This tattoo is a cute skull with crossed bones and a pink hair bow.


 Her passion for music is shown in the way of a "Music Note" on her ankle.

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