DUI Celebrities

There is a countless list of celebrities that have been arrested while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is very serious because many car accidents and deaths on the road have happened due to DUI. Many celebs have arrested twice! So, I just wonder why do our favorite celebrities keep getting tangled up in one DUI after another? The stars are joining the DUI club at lightning speed and they show no signs of stopping. When will the ever learn from their mistakes? I can't get it because they have it all!

Check out the list of DUI celebrities below.

Heather Locklear was charged with a DUI after consuming prescription meds.

Jaime Pressly - busted for DUI in 2011.

Amanda Overmyer was a "American Idol" contestant and a drunk driver in 2006.

Kiefer Sutherland has gotten a DUI.

Lindsay Lohan has gotten DUI many times !


Paris Hilton was given a DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 in 2006.

 Charles Barkley was arrested after he had a blood alcohol level was at .149 in December of 2008.

Mel Gibson was arrested in July of 2006 for speeding with an open container of alcohol.

David Cassidy arrested on suspicion of DUI in 2010.

 70's Show star Lisa Robin Kelly plead guilty to DUI in December of 2010.

Michelle Rodriguez has welcomed the DUI Club.

Mischa Barton was given a DUI in December of 2007 that included marijuana


Christina Aguilera's boyfriend Matt Rutler was arrested for a DUI and blew a .09 on a breathalyzer.

Ashley Van Dyke drives cars professionally and also has a DUI

Gary Collins has gotten DUI twice !

Haley Joel Osment pled no contest to a DUI and possession of marijuana in 2006.

Rip Torn

Khloe Kardashian got a DUI and reenacted it for her reality television show.

Sam Ronson was arrested on the scene on suspicion of DUI.

Rick Springfield was arrested for a DUI with a blood alcohol content of .10 -- in May 2011.

Vince Neil has gotten DUI many times.

Nicole Richie was charged with a DUI after driving on the wrong side of the freeway.

She had a DUI twice !

Nick Nolte's classic mug after his suspicion of DUI in 2002

Mike Tyson

Barron Hilton ( Paris Hilton's brother )  was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles in February of 2008.

 Taboo, member of The Black Eyed Peas was arrested in 2007 under DUI charges.

Jeffrey Donovan was arrested on suspicion of DUI on July 12th. The 41-year-old posed for a cop cam and was released several hours later.

In October of 2010, George Maloof was busted for a DUI in Vegas.

Star of "Three's Company" Joyce DeWitt was arrested in 2009 for suspicion of DUI.

Rapper Too Short was arrested in Vegas for DUI.

Former VH1 reality star Megan Hauserman plead guilty to one count of DUI.

NFL QB Shaun King was arrested for DUI in 2011.

Rapper Flo Rida -- the guy behind the smash hit, "Low" -- was busted for drunk driving in Miami Beach in his red and black Bugatti!

Singer Ashanti has gotten DUI.

                                                          "American Pie" actor Chris Klein  is a two time member of the DUI Club...

Stephanie Pratt of "The Hills" got a DUI driving home from sister-in-law Heidi Montag's birthday party.

It seems that Mickey Rourke cannot stop getting into trouble. In 2007, the actor was arrested for driving under the influence on his Vespa scooter.    He attracted the attention of police by making an illegal U-turn. 

Nick Carter was pulled over one night in March of 2005 and busted for driving under the influence.

When Richie Sambora got a DUI in 2008, his daughter and another child were in the car with him...
Anna Nicole Smith made headlines when she was arrested for a DUI in 1989. It was all downhill from there.

Actor Shia LaBouf was arrested for DUI in Hollywood

Actor Thomas Jane was pulled over early in the morning on St. Patrick's Day 2008 and arrested on suspicion of DUI.

 General Hospital star Kirsten Storms was sentenced in court for her recent DUI charges in LA.

 Famed 1989 Playboy playmate Jennifer Lyn Jackson was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Ohio.

 Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested in NYC and charged with driving under the influence. 

Actress Vivica A. Fox has been slapped with two misdemeanor counts of DUI, resulting from her recent arrest. 

       Shemar Moore was arrested on DUI charges and taken into custody.

Rebecca DeMornay was arrested for DUI in Beverly Hills the night before Halloween and is now in big trouble.

Jack Nicholson's ex, Rebecca Broussard (aka Rebecca Kelly), was arrested on charges of felony DUI following a pretty serious car accident.


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